Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meet RITA finalist Stacy Henrie and her novel Hope at Dawn

Today we're featuring Hope at Dawn.  Its author, Stacy Henrie, has a lot to share about this wonderful Rita finalist. 

Describe the call: 
I missed the initial call because my cell phone was off! A while later, I saw I had an email from someone on the RWA Board. Right then I remembered what day it was! J I called the woman back, and even though I had a pretty good idea at that point what the call was about, I still couldn’t believe it. I remember saying, “Wow!”

After finding out you were a finalist, who did you call first and tell? 
The first person I called was my husband. He’s been my greatest cheerleader and champion.  

Short bio
I’ve always loved history, fiction, and chocolate. I earned a B.A. in public relations, then turned my attentions to raising a family and writing inspirational historical romances. My husband is an entrepreneur and I’m a stay-at-home mom of three. In addition to writing, I also love reading, road trips, and interior decorating. My first novel LADY OUTLAW released with Love Inspired Historical in 2012.

How many books have you written? I
’ve written eight full-length novels, though a few will remain tucked away forever on my hard drive. J Four of those books have been published as well as a Christmas novella.

What other kudos have you earned? 
HOPE AT DAWN was also a 2015 finalist in the inspirational category of the Golden Quill Contest sponsored by the Desert Rose RWA chapter.

Tell us a little about this book? 
HOPE AT DAWN is the first book in my inspirational WWI series Of Love and War from Grand Central Forever. It tells the story of Livy Campbell, a schoolteacher, who falls in love with German-American farmer Friedrick Wagner as anti-German sentiment sweeps the country during the First World War.  


  1. Congratulations, Stacy and best wishes on award night! The WWI era is a fascinating time in US history. You mentioned the anti-German sentiment that swept through the country, which had to have had a big impact on the huge numbers of immigrants of German origin. Can you share something unique or interesting about that situation that you discovered in your research?

  2. Thanks, Christine! I discovered so many interesting things during my research, things I didn't know happened - it's hard to pick just one. :)

    Many German immigrants changed their names to sound more American. German street names were changed, too. The governor of Iowa, where HOPE AT DAWN takes place, prohibited speaking any foreign language in public, which included over the telephone and in church. German-Americans were often pressured into showing their loyalty to their adoptive country by purchasing liberty bonds, enlisting, kissing the flag, etc. German-owned stores were sometimes painted yellow to signify German ties - many of them lost business. My husband's ancestors are from Germany and people wouldn't shop at their store during that time. And things like this were happening all over the country, not just in one region or state.

  3. Stacy, congratulations on being a RITA finalist. Your book sounds interesting. My father's parents came from Germany. He never said anything about anti-German sentiment, but he was a small boy during WWI and was in the army during WWII. Sadly, he passed away at a young age, and any chance to ask questions that I never thought about when I was younger are gone. I wish I had been more curious about my ancestry when I was young.

  4. Thank you, Merrillee! How neat that you have German ancestry, too. It seems very little was said in general by German-Americans from back then about what they experienced during WWI. I'm with you - I wish I'd thought to ask more questions of my grandparents before they passed away.

  5. Congratulations, Stacy.

    I think it makes call stories of any kind more fun when you miss the call. It kind of ramps up the suspense. I know first hand because I was napping when my editor called to buy my first book. That will take some living down.

    It's going to be so fun to sit there Saturday night and recognize so many of the names being called. I wish you the best.

    Mary Curry/Cate Nolan

  6. Congratulations Stacy! And welcome to the Craftie Ladies!

  7. Thank you, Mary! I also missed the initial call from my editor when she called about buying my first book! What a fun thing to have in common. :)

  8. Thanks, Sandra! It's a pleasure to be on the blog I've followed for a long time. :)


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