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Meet RITA finalist Rose Ross Zediker and her book The Widow's Suitor

Today we're featuring Rose Ross Zediker and her Rita final.  Settle back, enjoy, and discover the magic of a well-written story.

Describe the call
I'd been at my day job for about an hour when my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and almost let it go to voice mail. When I said hello, the person on the other end asked me if I was Rose. I said yes and she said her name (which I can't remember) and that she was an RWA board member. At that point, I said "Oh my God" because it dawned on me it was the day the RITA nominees were announced. My heart started pounding and my knees went weak. I almost missed which book (I'd entered two) was a finalist. I think I actually repeated the title to her! I said she made my day and she laughed, wished me luck ,and said good-bye. I stood in the break room stunned with tear moistened eyes. It was such a surreal moment for me. I was so glad I didn't let the call go to my voicemail.
After finding out you were a finalist, who did you call first and tell? 
I actually texted the news to my husband and son. At the end of the text, I told them that this was a big deal and to be appropriately impressed! They both sent congratulations texts back. I also texted the news to my sister. She texted her congratulations and asked which book.  When I replied The Widow's Suitor, she told me she wasn't surprised because it was a good book. Aren't sisters great?

What other cool things have happened now that you’re a RITA finalist? 
I had already registered for the RWA conference with plans to sightsee, but my schedule is filling up fast with special events so I don't know how much sightseeing I'll actually do. Harlequin sent me a congratulations gift - a box of Godiva truffles. Yum! The local newspaper wants to do an article on the RITA event when I return.

Short bio: 
Rose Ross Zediker writes contemporary and historical inspirational romance and has hundreds of publishing credits in the Christian magazine genre for adults and children. Rose is a RITA, National Readers Choice, Book Sellers Best, Book Buyers Best awards finalist.
How many books have you written? 
Ten. One non-fiction book for children. Eight inspirational romances for the Heartsong Presents line and one novella in a multi-author anthology set to release in January 2016.

What other kudos have you earned? 
My book, Wedding on the Rocks, was a finalist in the Book Buyers Best and Book Sellers Best awards in 2014.  The Widow's Suitor is also a finalist in the National Readers Choice Awards this year.  

One piece of advice you have for other authors 
Target your genre and read the recently published books. Read writing books aimed at your chosen genre. Read blogs written by writers of your chosen genre. Read blogs written by editors in your chosen genre. Reading = Learning! It's best way to find success with your writing.
Tell us a little about this book?
Genre: Historical inspirational romance
Publisher: Harlequin
The young widow is just trying to make a life on the prairie for herself and her newborn son. When handsome newcomer Luke Dow shows up at her cabin door, she soon relies on the man's help with her homestead…and dares to dream of the future. 
Luke came to the small South Dakota town to build a hotel and make his fortune. But he never expected to care for anyone, let alone the beautiful Cora and her baby boy. When Cora's land claim is challenged by a neighbor, Luke will do all he can to protect her and her home—and claim her heart.

Anything else you’d like to share?  
Since The Widow's Suitor was released in February 2014 and category romance has a short shelf life, ebook is the only format the story is available.


  1. Congratulations, Rose! I love your "call" story and how you barely heard what she was saying. That sounds so much like how I would have reacted. You must have been walking on air the rest of the day. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.

  2. Congratulations, Rose! I enjoyed your phone call story too, and wish you continued success with your writing. :)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  3. Rose, your book sounds awesome. And I'm so thrilled a Heartsong is making a splash. Hope it's loud!

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm on a 'break' from conference noise, but I am enjoying my time in NYC and at the RWA conference. In about fifteen minutes, I'll be heading to a reception for the RITA finalist.

    Thanks for having me on the blog.

  5. It was great to see you at conference!


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