Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Firefly Lane

Since we’re talking about Friendship this month I wanted to share a book I recently read by the incomparable Kristin Hannah.
They were known as the Firefly Lane girls--a single, inseparable unit. The best friends promise to be there for each other forever--and for 30 years, that promise holds strong. Then events and choices make that promise impossible.
I don’t normally read women’s fiction, no particular reason other than I gravitate more toward romance and romantic suspense novels. I did enjoyed this book on so many different levels, partly because so much of the cultural references over the book’s thirty year span I could relate to, as well as, relating very closely with Kate, one of the lead characters. At times funny, nostalgic and unforgettable, Firefly Lane hooked me from the first paragraph until the very end.
Warning, though, have a box of tissue close at hand.


PamelaTracy said...

I love Kristin Hannah books. I've been reading her forever. I'm behind but will definitely make Firefly Lane a must.

Janet Tronstad said...

Terri --

Sounds like a great book. I like friendship books, especially when the characters have been friends for a long time. You really see character growth in them.

Abi said...

This sounds like an excellent book. Thanks for sharing.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Missy Tippens said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Terri! I love women's fiction so will be sure to pick it up. (I love books about friends!)


Cheryl Wyatt said...

I've heard so much about this book. Can't wait to read it.