Thursday, March 12, 2009

Man's...I mean woman's best friend.

Man’s best friend

This is picture of my very best non-human friend. Her name is Sadie. Sometimes I call her Sadie Sue and sometimes, You miserable Mutt. As you can see, she is waiting patiently for me to finish my work and take her out to play. Sadie lives to have me throw her doggy Frisbee. I think I'm her very best human long as the grandkids aren't here.

My dog is a yellow lab + something else mix that we brought home from the pound nine months ago. Life with Sadie is never dull. If she isn’t knocking over the trash can, eating my pens or shredding paper, she is rolling her tennis ball under my bed and trying to crawl under after it. Since she has to lay on her side to actually wiggle her 70 pounds under the bed, it’s hysterical watching her try. There is no gift quite as meaningful as a slobbery tennis ball plunked in your lap by a dog who is obviously delighted to share with you.

Isn’t that the best thing about friends? They light up our lives.

Friends make us smile even if we’re feeling down. Friends make us laugh. They give us memories to treasure, and encouragement when we need it the most. Friends, human and non-human alike are among God’s greatest gifts to us. Take a minute today and call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Share a laugh and make a new memory. Give a friend a hug.

Me? I’m taking Sadie and the Frisbee outside.


  1. Oh, I love it. I teach college composition, and I assigned: Describe your favorite family member as an essay. I got one about a dog. I docked the student. He showed up with his dog's adoption papers, his vet's bill where the dog was listed under his last name, and he found a book on Amazon called: My Favorite Relative, My Dog.

  2. Pat -- Wonderful post!

    Pamela -- LOL! Love what your student did!

  3. Pat,
    I loved the post about your animal friends. We have had several rescue dogs. The last one, Pepper, lived to be nearly 18. I never dreamed that when I brought him home from the pound that he would still be around after my kids were grown and gone.

  4. Pat, she's beautiful!!! Love those eyes.

    We have a chocolate lab and a mutt (plus two cats and a hamster). So we have lots of pet friends in our house! The dogs, especially, are my babies.

    Pamela, did you change your student's grade?? :)


  5. Loved the post. My dog is my world. Pamela I agree with your student. I consider my dog to be my son. He sleeps with us, he sometimes rarely gets a treat of what we are eating and if he wants to go with us anywhere he goes. He has family photo taken too. My 5 year old even calls him her brother.

  6. It just happened this week, so how timely. And, yes, I will give him back his points... any student who goes to such lengths certainly deserves it.

  7. Love the pictures!!! Dogs are the best. We have two. One big Aussie and a small Llaso/Bichon lap dog.
    They play so well together.