Tuesday, March 24, 2009

True Friendship-Two Friends

Thinking about friendship led me to two women who have been my friends for many years. The first is Lisa whom I met in "Mommy and Me" group at the local park district center when our eldest children were around 2 years old. The other friend is Carol. I met her at my first teaching job. We were each other's maid of honor. Here are Lisa and Carol's answers to my 2 questions:

1-What do you look for in a friend?

Lisa: Over the years, I've enjoyed having a diverse group of friends. Many friendships were just formed because of an emotional connection - as in we just "clicked." At other times, the friendship formed over time as we shared a common experience. Nevertheless, what I want in a friend is to find them interesting and be able to relate to them. From that, I hope that mutual caring and consideration grows.

Carol: At this point in my life, I think friendships often start with mutual interests and expand with shared experiences. I think that both people must want to strengthen the friendship with trust and revelation.

2-Why do you think some friendships last and some don't?

Lisa: Friendships last when people really care about each other. When I was in my twenties, I moved around a lot and a lot of my friendships dissolved. I did keep up with one friend with whom I have been close since age 12.

Carol: I think this is very complex. Some people keep in touch with each other because of the past or family connections. I have a friend or two with whom I feel that special connection or bond and we do not live close to each other. This unique bond can reestablish itself, instantly, even after not seeing that special friend for years.

Lyn: I value friendship and loyalty very highly and have been surprised in the past that some people gain and shed friends without any qualms. I'm happy that I have Lisa and Carol as true friends. So what are your answers to these two questions?

What do you look for in a friend? What makes a friendship last? .


  1. loyalty is a big thing in a friend. Then truly showing you care by keeping in touch.

  2. I look for someone who's trustworthy. If I'm going to open up and share who I really am, then I need to know that it's safe to do that.

    Lasting friendship involves meeting each other's needs, in my opinion. It means making an effort and showing care.

    Great post, Lyn.


  3. I have two true friends. Neither live where I do any longer and the only contact we really have is by email but I know and they know that if one of us needs the other for what ever reason we will be there.

  4. Trust is very important to friendship for me. I also have to have mutual interests.