Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

If I were superstitious, which I am definitely not, I would be worried about posting on a supposedly unlucky day. (by the way, the startled baby is my niece)

The topic I ended up with is "take no delight in evil" and I wondered how I was going to relate that to my work for Love Inspired. Then, I realized that the theme of forgiveness that I often use ties right in.

Think about it for a moment. More times than I care to recall, I have seen someone get his or her comeuppance and have been glad. That's not only not being forgiving, it's taking delight in evil, in a roundabout way. When we rejoice at retribution, I think that's the same thing. And I do it often. Which brings me to the subject of forgiveness again.

As you all know, we choose a verse or two of scripture to begin our books. Believe it or not, that can not only be difficult, it can change as we write. At least mine does. The way I begin, my way, is often not the way the story carries us and I firmly believe that that is God's guidance, not only in the creation of the book but in the perfecting of us as a Christian.

Okay, now you know. I've said it. I'm not a perfect Christian. I know that's a shock to y'all but hey, it's the truth. And form now on, thanks to having to write this post, I'll be more aware of what it means to take delight in evil. Forgiveness is still my personal theme and as far as I can see, it will be for some time to come.

To leave you on an uplifting note, I'll add another picture, this time of my grandson. Maybe it's a good thing I write suspense and mystery into so many of my books because it looks as if the members of my family are ready for it!




  1. How beautiful!!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nicely done! Great post.

    Oh, and I'm so with ya on the not-being-a-perfect-Christian-thing.

  3. Hello Val:

    I think there is a big difference between ‘rejoicing at retribution’ and ‘reveling in justice’. While we should not draw pleasure from the execution of a murderer, we should be permitted to draw solace from the fact that justice prevailed.

    I say this because one of my happiest memories took place on Easter morning years ago. As I was merging onto the Pasadena Freeway, a car going about 90 mph forced me off the road. Outraged, as I could have been killed, I started to shout, “Where is a cop when…” and just then, a policeman went speeding by and pulled the offender over.

    I remember looking up at the clear blue sky and praying: “Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.” This is such a satisfying memory, I just have to consider it as ‘justice prevailing’ rather than an ‘evil enjoyed.’ It’s not about the evil of the reckless driver; it’s about the goodness of the policeman acting to protect the public. (Or so the philosopher in me tells me.)

    BTW, I love the way you depict small towns in your books. When reading about one of your towns, I feel like I could go there, get out of my car, find my way around without asking any directions, and even say hello to some of the folks. I just love it.


  4. Love the photos, Val!!

    You know, my theme verse changed in the book I just finished. As I got through writing the book, I realized it was more about forgiveness than I had thought in the beginning. So I chose a different verse based on what one character thinks near the end of the book when he realizes God has forgiven him.

    It's so cool to see how God works on us as we're writing! And how He guides the story. :)


  5. Vince, you are so right! Thanks for the input. I, too, love to be able to see the Lord working. I think, too, that there are probably many, many times when I get so caught up in the moment that I miss the ongoing miracles in my life and those around me.


  6. Cute photos! Thanks for sharing about forgiveness. Too many times I find myself not choosing forgiveness and "delighting in" the whole revenge aspect. It's good to know that I'm not the only one working on this issue.


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