Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Rejoiceth in the Truth

Love and truth--To me the two words go hand in hand. When you love someone and are loved isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that you have a safe place in that person...a place where you can go with your heart and trust it to that loved one.

I also know that when you love someone--husband, children, family, friends you believe the best of them, want the best for them and hope for the best from them. I used to own a hair salon...and I hated gossip. Hair salons and hair stylist have the reputation of being the first to know everything. Thankfully we worked really hard to be the salon where we were the last to know and many times didn't know anything at all. The best compliment anyone could ever give me was when they'd tell me that they came to my shop because (yes we were good stylist :0 ) but that they'd noticed we were different. There was a feeling of pleasant friendliness and caring and not the ugly feeling of hearing a bunch of women talking about people. I loved that. Clients noticed we were different. Where I'm going with this is that for me, the reason I hated gossip so much was the distructiveness of it but also I am a person who believes the best in people--and when I meet them I don't want my view of them tarnished by something ugly I've heard about them. I believe as a Christian, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend believing the best in people helps bring out the best in those we love. Yes, people are going to fail and falter but love will always help boost that person back to the truth and being the best that they can be. For me that is important. It works both ways--my family loves me enough to love me when I mess up and I love them enough to love them when they mess up--Love rejoiceth in truth and it is the foundation for all relationships to flourish and last.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Did I ever tell you I worked my way through college as a beautician. And I'm so glad that your shop was different. It reminded me of the shop I worked at for several years. It was a loving cocoon to me and the customers due to my late boss, Betty Gray who loved people and always brought out the best in others.
    Yes, love does rejoice in the truth.

  2. Good morning, Debbie! Thanks for sharing about your salon. The place I go is great. No gossiping at all. And my stylist will sometimes even bring up concerns for me to pray about.

    I think truth goes hand in hand with trust. Love means you can trust your loved one to be truthful. I love that I can totally trust my husband.

  3. Hi Debra:

    Of the many doctors I see over the course of a year, one doctor’s office seems different. As you mentioned about your shop, “there is a feeling of pleasant friendliness” with all the office staff and assistants. While this difference is very noticeable, the office seems no different than any other doctor’s office.

    In passing I mentioned to the doctor how much I respected Dr. Linnea Smith (La Doctora: An American Doctor in the Amazon) who has dedicated her life to running a medical clinic on the Amazon in Peru. Only then did he mention that he and some of his staff served at mission clinics in Central America for several weeks each year. All at once the difference in that office seemed appropriate.

    Your post if very powerful.

    Isn’t it more enjoyable to say what love is or love does rather than explain what love does not do? I think this is the power of the affirmation.

    Thanks for your message,


  4. No Lyn I didn't know you were a stylist. There are a bunch of us out there :)

  5. Thanks Missy that's the way it should be.

  6. Hi Vince,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. What a great comment!

  7. I would have loved getting my hair done at your shop. Of course, it would been a LOOONG day to get my hair done since we live hundreds of miles apart.
    Thanks for the post, Debbie.

  8. I SO need a hair cut. Seriously. Thankfully one of my good friends is a stylist.

    Love the insights into your life, Debbie!