Monday, February 2, 2009

Love is Patient

1 Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient…”

True story: Rewind the clock back about 15 years. I’m sitting in a Sunday school class. The lesson is about patience. I’m wiggling in my seat. See, I’d been looking in the figurative mirror at this thirty-something woman and asking myself the age-old Bridget Jones question. “Why am I still single?” I mean, come on, I’m thirty-two! Thirty-two! I finally raised my hand. No, I wasn’t about to ask the gray-haired gentleman who’d been married for more than thirty-two years to tell me why I was single. I asked the question, “I’ve been praying to God for patience. How will God help me be patient?”

To my surprise, he answered easily, “In order to teach you patience, God will test your patience.”

Yikes! Yup, I kept going. “You mean,” I said slowly, “He’s going to make me wait on things to teach me patient.”

That teacher nodded.

Me, I stopped praying for patience.

God kept on making me wait.

I was forty-one when I finally donned a white wedding dress. My maid of honor was three years older than me (Please, don’t do the math. Cathy McDavid will kill me). The youngest bridesmaid was Stacy Connelly, who at thirty-two was probably wiggling during the wedding and thinking, “Why am I single?” (Stacy is beautiful – think Katie Holmes. Me? Looking at my picture on the sidebar – think, um, think chubby…)

I do thank the Lord every day for the patience he gave me. See, I’d dated a lot of frogs (I didn’t always look like chubby woman on the side of the hot chocolate can). I shudder to think what marriage would have been like with them. When my prince finally came, I was so stupid, that I didn’t recognize him.

My friends did. Every single one of them said, “Pam, wow, I like that Don. He’s a great guy. I looked again, and again, and again. They were right.

Seven years ago, a forty-year wait ended. Today, I fold big white socks and little white socks. Today in my back yard I have big tools and toy tools. On my television is a choice of DIY or Caillou. And sometimes I look at the sky and my heart whispers the words: Thank you, Lord.

I Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient.

I’ve learned, somewhat, to pray for patience. Someday, I’ll tell you about my bout with patience and the little guy who owns the little white socks, the toy tools, and loves Caillou.


  1. What a cool story, Pamela! My sister finally met her prince when they were both 40 and never married. And what's funny is that not long before that, she had finally decided that single was okay.

    We never know what God has planned! :)


    I've heard it time and time again, don't pray for patience, or God'll give you chances to practice it.


    I still pray for it. Cuz He knows what I need regardless of what I ask for, right?

    Thanks for sharing this story. I love your honest humor.

    Have a great day!

  3. Pamela what a great love story!
    I can't wait to hear the baby story!

  4. Pamela, thanks for sharing this sweet story. ~ And enjoy that precious little boy- - before you know it, he will be a teen-ager (like my "baby"!).
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  5. Missy, I'm not sure if I'd decided single was okay... I had decided to make the best of it.

  6. Lynn,
    Oh, I was trying to word it like that... chances to practice. Response terrified me.

  7. Debra and Cat,
    Oh, my, my prayer life increased tenfold during that time of my life. I'm still trying to figure out how to feel that close to the Lord again, now that I haven't got such an emotional prayer to lay at his feet.

  8. Pamela, loved this!!! Heartwarming.

    Lynn and Catmom, thanks for coming by!



  9. Pamela, I loved this. You LIVED a romance novel, girlfriend. Seriously.

    Great post. Heartfelt. I can't even find anything to make fun of you for!




  10. Ruth,
    You can make fun of me because when a prince finally showed up, I didn't recognize him. I was busy thinking about a frog. ARG.

  11. Cheryl,
    We're glad to have you aboard!

  12. This is such a precious story, Pamela. I have a daughter who is 32 and sometimes I'm more impatient than she is! But your blog is a good reminder and a sweet, sweet example of God's timing.

  13. Linda,
    What's amazing is finding someone you can stand to be with 24/7. Oh, and when it winds up being 23/7, and you miss him, then you know it's right.


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