Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love ... always protects

When I found out my topic was "protection" I thought about how one of my
husband's friends always teases me about my pointy toed shoes. He says I
could easily protect myself if I use those shoes to kick a person. He calls
them my "roach-stomping" shoes. I do have a lot of pointy toed shoes but protection
is about more than just kicking bad people. In this beautiful passage from First
Corinthians, love is the protection that God offers us. And it is part of what
we offer when we extend our love to another person. When we have love in our lives, it acts as a shield against hurt and misery. Love lifts us up when we are broken, it
takes over when we are in shock. Love protects us from the every day stresses of
life. Love is truly our soft place to fall. Can you image living each day in a
loveless life? How could we possibly handle everthing that is just outside our
doors if we didn't have the protection of God's steady and everlasting love?

God's grace flows over us like a shield. And that shield goes to battle with us
during the worst of times. It is also there during the best of times. It guides us, keeps us standing, deflects all sorts of pain and harm and keeps us warm when we
are alone and scared in the middle of the night.

The protectin of God's love is like the light that is always burning, that beacon
that always shows us the way home. God promises protection. He promises to go into
battle with us. His unconditional love will cover us and we can hold fast to that
protections. Love ... always protects because love gives us the courage to protect
ourselves, love gives us the knowledge to stand firm in our beliefs and love gives us the power to overcome fear and rage and pain and despair. Love can protect us
if we open our hearts and allow love to come inside. Wearing pointy toes shoes is
one way I can protect myself. But in the end, it doesn't matter if my shoes can do
damage to any attacker and it doesn't matter what kind of shoes I'm wearing. It only
matters that I know God's love is surrounding me when I head out the door


  1. In a romance novel often one of the first signs that the hero is falling in love is the development of a strong protective instinct toward the heroine. Love protects and it also attracts protection.

    Thanks, your insights are very thoughtful.


  2. Vince, you are so wise and one of the few I've seen who gets romance
    novels! Thanks for your kind comments. This very thing is why we love writing our books so much.

    Lenora :)

  3. Well, duh. I meant to say one of the few "men" I've seen. I really should read over my posts more carefully!

    Lenora :)

  4. Hi Lenora:

    Here’s something funny: I had to read your second post twice to ‘get it’ because my mind put the word ‘men’ in the first post for you!

    The Chinese have a folk saying which goes: “We see what’s behind our eyes.” I clearly saw what I expected to see.


  5. Lenora, I enjoyed the posts--and the pointy-toed shoes. For me, being able to rest in god's protection is one of the greatest 'perks' of being a Christiian. I used to be overwhelmed with fears but you wouldn't know it now. I just visualize a great big warrior angel sent out by my even bigger Father in Heaven and I'm not scared of much!

    Good post.

  6. Linda -- I like your warrior angel.

    Lenore -- thanks for the post. It is wonderful to feel God's protection around us.

  7. Good post, Lenora. I've always been scared of something or other even though I prayed for God's protection. Then one day I saw it in action and never doubted after that: One of my fears is of dogs (I was bit as a child). A few years ago, I was walking through the park with no one else around and a large golden lab was walking toward me. It's a small town and yet it was a strange dog. Where had he come from? And did he have rabies? With his head handing down, he stared right at me, and walked with a rolling gait from side to side. I kept thinking he was getting ready to cut me off regardless of which way I ran. I started praying that God would make me invisible to the dog. I kept walking the path as did he, closer and closer. But he wasn't looking at me anymore. Just a few feet away, I tensed, held my breath and kept going. And he walked right past me as if I didn't even exist.

  8. Lenora,
    Thanks for pointing out how God's love protects us. We have a picture in our hallway of a little girl walking through a forest and behind her is a big angel--her guardian angel. I love it that God has his angels watching over us.

  9. Thanks for the beautiful examples of how God protects us. When I'm afraid or having doubts, I always take a breath and tell myself I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It's amazing how we can let fear control us, but it's like that big dog. If we stare it down it just might pass on by us!

    Lenora :)

  10. Lenora, I knew it was you posting from the mention of pointy toe shoes! :)

    Great post. It's so comforting to know that we're loved by God and by others.


  11. I can't imagine life without the Lord. Oh, and shoes are nice, too.

  12. That's one thing I can always say I felt growing up is protected. My dad would have harmed anyone who came near my sister and I with ill intent.

    In fact, I think I might have a couple boyfriends who are still MIA....LOL! JUST KIDDING.

    I pray my children feel as protected as I felt growing up. It gave me a wonderful sense of God's protective nature over us.

    Loved your post! It evoked pleasant memories.

    And your shoe stories are some of my absolute favs. Has your hubby gone in your closet and counted how many pairs you have lately? LOLOL!


  13. Beautiful post. I'm so thankful for God's protection and amazing shield of love!