Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Is Kind

KIND adj 1.Of a friendly, generous or warmhearted nature. 2. Showing sympathy or understanding: charitable 3. Humane: considerate 4. Forbearing: tolerant 5. Generous: liberal 6. Agreeable: beneficial
Synonyms: kindly, gracious, compassionate, considerate, thoughtful, understanding, loving, merciful, fair, giving, tender-hearted
When we love someone we put their needs and their desires above our own. We give all that we have to the relationship. The act of being kind sometimes doesn’t come easy but keeping in mind how we would like to be treated can remind us to act with kindness. When you look at the definition and the synonyms for kind, how could we want to be anything else? How could we want to be treated with anything less than kindness?February is a month where love is celebrated with red hearts, candy and flowers. But every day is a day to celebrate a love that is kind.


  1. Terri, you've touched on a huge element of a great story...

    When love ISN'T kind.

    Or patient. Or everbearing. Or blind to faults.

    I'd like to sprinkle fairy dust on everyone and make them nicer, kinder, gentler, but then what on earth would we write about????

    Lifting a cappuccino as a toast to kindness.

    And a wink to romance that overcomes the lack thereof.


  2. Your post reminded me that it's usually easy to be kind to those we REALLY love, but to have the God kind of love means being kind to those that have different opinions (a tough one for me) or cut us off in traffic or in line at the supermarket, etc. etc.

    Because of your post I vow to make a real effort today to be kind--even when I don't 'feel' like it.

  3. Great post, Terri. And great point, Linda! It's pretty easy to love those who love us and are very lovable. But we're called to do more!

    Ruthy, wouldn't it be nice if we could be as kind as our characters in our books! (at least as kind as they are by the end of the book.) :)


  4. Missy, excellent point with 'as nice as they are by the end of the book!'

    So true. But if we made the typical newbie mistake of cleaning up their problems instantly (raising my hand, guilty to the 'nth' degree on that one) there'd be no book. And then what would we read?


    And I'm of the opinion that the world is rife with characters to help us be better writers, mothers, fathers, teachers, etc., so being kind to real-life characters just makes sense.

    Why is it that being kind to one's spouse is often the toughest of all?

    Just wondering out loud.


  5. I'll drink a cappuccino with you Ruth.
    Linda and Missy, I agree acting with love that is kind is not only reserved for those closest to us but for everyone. Just think if everyone everywhere acted in kindness, wow, what a world that would be.

  6. Terri, short and sweet! But so much said in so little.

    RUTHY!!!! Good to see you here.

    Love it,


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