Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love is in the air...

Love is in the air...

That's the song my heroine whistled while wiping down counters in her shop in my novel. The story is set right before Valentine's Day, when love truly is in the very air.

What is it about February that makes us so love-struck? Valentine's Day is fun to celebrate, of course, but why can't we make an effort to show our spouses, family or friends love every month of the year? Or, gasp - every day of the year?

Did it just get quiet in here? =)

I'm guilty of it too. I love going alllllllll out for holidays - planning big birthday surprises, or romantic Valentine's Day dates, and trying to outdo myself at Christmas each year - but I must confess, I don't always do a great job of being lovey dovey year-round. My husband deserves that, as I'm sure yours does too.

So for the remaining days of February, why not make an extra effort to show your spouse you love them? Why not slip a love note in their briefcase, or bake their favorite dessert for dinner just because, instead of only for a holiday or occasion? Rent their favorite movie, even if you hate action flicks, or take over your hubby's chore for a week as a surprise. If you have a Polaroid camera, snap a shot of your smiling face and hide it in their jeans or suit pocket. Or, gasp - buy a fun new nightgown in his favorite color.

Now its really quiet in here!

All kidding aside, let's make an effort this month AND next month to show love. Let's keep it in the air!

"Hmmm hmm hmmm hmm hmmmmmm....."


  1. Betsy, good suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Awww, your hubby is very blessed. Which chore of his are you taking on? Maybe I could do one for my hub too. Hmm. Which one did I assign that's not so bad? LOL!! Great suggestions =)

  3. Hi Betsy:

    You are wonderful.

    I’ve just forwarded your post to my wife.



  4. Love it! You're right, we should take the time to lovingly ambush our spouse.

  5. I thinketh thou art meddling!!! Just kidding. It is so true, to spread the love all year round in special ways.

  6. Great post, Betsy! And a reminder that I need to hear over and over. Can you post it again next month??




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