Monday, June 21, 2010

I confess...

Hello from Lisa Mondello

I must confess...I read series books out of order. I may read book 2 before book 1 or book 5 before book 3. This goes for series, trilogies, continuities, etc. I know. I can already see some of you cringing. "How can you possibly do that?" you say.

Truthfully? I have no clue. I chock it up to the fact that I don't write my books in order either. I'm a puzzle writer. Like a picture, I know what the story is supposed to look like, but I piece the whole story together as it comes to me. I don't start on page one and go straight through.

Right now I'm reading a book by Irene Hannon called In Harm's Way. I knew it was book 3 in the series. I should have picked up book 1 and I probably will pick up book 1 and 2 at some point. But something about this book spoke to me as I was searching for something to read. I'm glad I did because I'm loving the book.

What do you do? Do you stockpile series books and read them in order? Do you get really upset if you find out you're reading a book out of order? Or are you like me? Can you read a book no matter where it falls in the series and then go back and still enjoy the rest of the books?

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello


  1. I have to read in order. A few times, I've picked up, say, book five, but the minute I finished, I have to buy 1 through 4 and 1 gets read first, and I'm always annoyed when I get to book 4, if I've already read five and have to skip to six.

  2. I have discovered authors and had to glom plenty when I realize I came to the game late in terms of trilogies, series, etc.

    I have a few books on my TBR shelf which I ordered and then disciplined myself to wait until I have all known books in the series but I have realized that makes for an often insurmountable task to start reading and realize I have committed to four books in a row.

    So I am back to reading as they come out. Sigh.

  3. Depends on the series like the love inspired continuity series i need to read all the way through, normal fiction I have read one book series recently by book 2,3,4,6,1,5. depends on how connected and reliant the books r on each other

  4. The only series I've easily read out of order is Sue Grafton's. I'm sure, if I go back, I've missed one.

  5. It doesn't bother me as long as each story is a stand-alone, a complete story just connected to others.

    Last summer I read the first book in a new series and liked the characters. But when the author didn't tie up the main threads of book 1 by the end of book 1, I said--"not going to read your next one, Lady!"

  6. I prefer to read in order, but I won't keep from reading one as long as it's a stand alone. :)

    But I can NOT write out of order!! The thought makes my stomach hurt. LOL :)


  7. It doesn't matter to me as long as it makes sense.

  8. Even though I would rather read series books in sequences, some authors consider this in their writing. One such author is Karen Kingsbury. The love inspired books have been easy to read and most times are very readable on their own.

  9. Oh, Lyn, I hope it wasn't my book that made you say that!

    I admit to liking books that give me a sense of completion, but still make me excited to read something else by an author. Whether it's a series or stand alone, if I liked the book I'm reading, I want to read more.

    Missy, I don't want to make your stomach hurt so I won't say anything more about puzzle writing!!


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