Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night....

This last week or so has been a whirlwind of activity.  Things that had to be done in a timely manner with my writing.  Done.  Catching up at work after being away on vacation--done.  Mostly, anyway, but as someone once said, "tomorrow is another day!"  :)
And today, I've been bustling about the house getting ready for company--fellow author Lyn Cote and her husband.  Two of my favorite people!  All things to keep me running, focused on my to-do lists.  And then...in the midst of all my bustling this week, a storm hit.  The weather here is the Midwest has been unstable for weeks and weeks--heavy rains, powerful storms.  A cycle that is supposed to bring damaging winds and heavy rains again tonight, and after today's heat and humidity, it's no surprise.  But the storm I wanted to mention was the one that made me stop in wonder, for when the clouds broke just before sunset, the sky was so incredible that I just had to stare in awe.  Suddenly, all the little concerns, the to-do list, just seemed so inconsequential in comparison to  God's absolute glory unfolding across the sky!  I grabbed a camera and ran, hoping to capture a bit of it.  I've never seen colors like this before!

Roxanne Rustand


  1. Roxanne -- I'm glad you'll get to visit with Lyn some. I know she was disappointed that RWA wasn't in Nashville where she could attend. Hopefully, this makes up for some of it.

  2. The change to Orlando led to a number of people needing to back out, I'm sure. I'm just amazed that RWA was able to pull together a conference in a different location--and so quickly!

  3. Wow, gorgeous, Roxanne!!

    I hope you and Lyn had fun! :)


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