Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lessons from the cricket's chorus...

I'm sitting here in my living room, in the dark, my laptop open on the couch, trying to decide what to blog about for my post tomorrow (well, really, today - I'm writing this the night before. Yesterday. But it's right now. Confused yet?) and I can't even think of a topic because the crickets in the backyard are so stinkin' loud.

The air conditioner just kicked on, yet I still hear the crickets.

It's not so much an annoying sound just a constant one, and when you're trying to concentrate on something (like blogging!) it can quickly become annoying.

How often in life do we let the buzz of the world distract us? I know this is just a blog post and eventually the crickets will hush and if I really wanted to I could drown them out with the TV or something, but...I'm reveling in the lesson.

With our writing, our goals, our hobbies, our dreams, our families - are you guilty of letting the constant, busy hummmm of the world knock you off focus from what you know is right? Are you easily sidetracked by the lure of temptation, the promise of procrastination, or the convincing chatter of "you should do this" or "that" instead?

Today, try to take a moment to drown out the chirping of the world and listen to the still small voice inside you know you can trust. What is it about your story, your novel, your job, your children that you KNOW you should do, but thus far haven't found the courage to take the step because of fear of failure, fear of rejeciton, fear of gossip, etc.

Kick those crickets to the side and tune your ears to the voice of the Lord and the instincts He gave you!! =)

Buzz, buzz. They're still out there. But softer this time.


  1. Last night my local RWA group had Vicki Lewis Thompson as a speaker and she spoke about interruptions. LOL, she forgot to mention crickets and instead focused on husband, kids, and best friends.

  2. It's not the interruptions, it me thinking of 20 different things I can do instead of writing.

  3. Great post, Betsy! With all life's noise, it can sure be hard to hear God's still, small voice.

  4. Noises distract me something terrible! Except when I'm writing...

    My puppy ate an entire book cover the other day, and I didn't even hear her. She was right next to me! I just get in the zone, you know!

  5. It's so easy to get distracted. I need this post, thanks! (Frogs are the noisy little critters here.)


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