Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Social Networking-Is it for You?

Lyn Cote here. Do you all remember the time before blogging? The time when you could only contact an author via US Mail or email? Blogging has changed the relationship between writers and many readers, making us available to you in ways we couldn't be before.
Obviously you like this since you are here, right?

But what about Facebook, MySpace, GoodReads, Shelfari, Shoutlife, Twitter, and others?

I most enjoy Facebook and GoodReads. I like keeping up with others on my time. I can check my Facebook page and run through my list of updates and see who's busy doing what. I've also connected with long ago acquaintances whom I had lost touch with. When I was preparing my 12th Annual Christian Fiction Market Update this spring, I found that most of the editors I wanted to contact were available through Facebook. And that made contacting them much easier.

Janet Tronstad has also helped draw together a group of readers and Love Inspired Historical authors on GoodReads. If you love books, you'll love GoodReads!

So which of the social networks do you frequent? Which blogs? And why? You tell me!


  1. Lyn,
    Very thought provoking. I have Facebook on my list of things to do but have trouble getting to it. Still, it's connected me with a college friend I'd lost touch with. Goodreads is another place I want to explore.

  2. Hey Lyn,
    I don't have a Facebook account. My mom doesn't like it, so both my sister and I don't have them.

    She does let me have a blog (surprisingly), but finds it annoying that she "never knows what I'm doing". I however LOVE it! I would've never gotten to know so many brilliant authors and wonderful blogging friends without this. I'm fortunate for the gained knowledge, support, and most of all the friendships that blogging has supplied me.

    I love your blogs, the Seekers blog, and a few friend's blogs. I suggest everyone checking out the blogs on my list because they're all fantastic!!!
    Great post, Lyn,

  3. I'm on Facebook but I don't go there much. Mostly I use it for promo but it has been nice to reconnect with old school chums and former students of mine. Plus, sometimes it's the only way to find out what's going on with my own kids! lol

  4. I've loved FB as well, especially for connecting to old friends. Most had no idea I was writing.

    Hannah, FB worries me, too (for my kids). I still won't let my daughter have a page. So good for your mom! ;) But I'm glad she'll let you hang out at our blogs!

  5. Yes, moms have to be on top of things today. But the Internet and blogs are a wonderful tool to connect with like-minds!

  6. I do a little bit with FB (and, yes, I've found an old friend as well), but I am most involved on the Goodreads group Lyn mentioned and I really like it as I feel like I've gotten to know the people there (come over and check us out if you haven't been to Goodreads yet).

  7. I have twitter, facebook, myspace, goodreads, blogger, shoutlife, amazon, and author's den accounts. I freuent facebook the most because a lot of my firends from school are on there.


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