Friday, June 18, 2010

Ja, you betcha!

Friday, June 18th

Valerie Hansen here. I'm going to do my best to write this early and schedule it to pop into place on Friday, but knowing my record with computers, nothing is certain. :)

The reason I'm so rushed - and excited - is because I'm about to go on vacation - to NORWAY! The farthest I've been from the U.S. is several trips to Mexico so this will be a real adventure. I can hardly wait. I've been packing and unpacking for a week, and I know I'll still forget something. It's a given.

Why Norway? Because that's where my father was born and raised. The two people pictured here are my father's parents, on their wedding day, I think. I'm taking a copy of it and my "pedigree" on my dad's side so I'll be prepared, although I don't expect to find any new info. My uncle, who lived to be 101, did a genealogy for me years ago. Without his help I'd be really lost. Many churches burned because of war and that's where the birth, death and marriage records were kept in those days.

Mostly, I want to see Norway and soak up its beauty and culture. I was 10 years old before I knew my dad was a naturalized American citizen. He loved the USA so much he worked hard to lose his accent and never considered himself anything but an American. Period. I respect him for that but I still wish he had told me more about his origins. It's going to be fun seeing the country for myself.




  1. God Bless Missy Tippens. She helped me get this post in the right place. I thought I had done everything right but, as usual, the computer had one-upped me.

    Yes, I saved her instructions. And had done it ALMOST correctly. The trouble is, computers are smarter than I am. Duh!


  2. LOL, Val! I'm glad it got posted correctly.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Val,
    You're trip sounds wonderful! And what a special picture. I'm adopted and know quite a bit about my adoptive side, but not so much about my 'birth' side. I was told I was part Blackfoot, part Irish, and part Greek by my birth mother, but then my birth aunt said not Greek but German. Quite confusing.

  4. VAl -- the trip sounds great. My grandfather came from Norway, too, and I'd love to visit some day.


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