Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Storms of Life and God's Amazing Grace

Hail from the recent storm

Linda Goodnight here with apologies to Lyn Cote for posting yesterday on her day and to anyone else who was as confused by my early post as I was.

Now, on to my praise report. This has been a crazy year in Oklahoma. The weatherman calls it the 500 year weather pattern. In February we were hit with an ice storm and lost power for a week. In May a tornado ripped through. (Along with damage, we lost power for another week.) While folks were still picking up the pieces, a freak hailstorm of unbelievable proportions pounded the state. Yesterday torrential rains came and with them some disastrous flooding.

Storms of life hit us all sooner or later but as trite as it sounds, God’s grace really is sufficient. I was reminded of that this morning when my husband came in from taking care of the cows. He was soaking wet from head to toe and visibly upset. While crossing the creek, his leg went through a log and he was flipped upside down and trapped-head down-in the flooded creek. Alone and unable to right himself because of the log trapping his leg, he called out to the Lord. “Somehow”, by God’s grace, he found himself upright again, sitting in the middle of the creek with his head above water. Suddenly, the storms and the loss of property didn’t matter quite so much as we gave thanks for something far more important.

Have you weathered any storms lately? How has God carried you through?


  1. Linda,
    No apologies needed. And after the week, how about the YEAR you've been having--it's a wonder you can even write.
    And you're post is much more uplifting than mine.
    So glad your dh prayed and God answered.
    The tragedies this year seemed to be piling on our people-floods, tornadoes, oil spills. In the face of these mega-tragedies, God is the only answer.
    Hugs to you and your dh and OK!

  2. Linda, I hadn't even heard of the rains from yesterday. Yikes. I'm so glad your husband made it home. Happenings like that do make us think.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I hadn't heard to them either. My sister lives near Tulsa. I'll have to call her and see how she's doing. Their trees haven't recovered yet from an ice storm a few years back. So gald your husband made it back okay. We'll keep you in our prayers.

  4. Linda, I was so worried about you and Margaret when I heard about the weather up there. Arkansas got it bad last week. Prayers for all of you and I'm so glad your husband is okay.

  5. Wow. Thank God, Linda. I'm so glad your husband made it okay. I hope the weather also clears enough to give you guys a break, too!


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