Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer by Leann Harris

Summer means different things to people all over the country. When I lived in Colorado, summers were wonderful days, filled with outside activities of playing and swimming and having fun.

When the family moved to Houston, summer was brutal. Hot, humid, sucking the life out of kids and they retreated indoors. Now, I'll be honest, it depends on what part of Texas you live in. North Texas and the panhandle, summers aren't quite the killer that they are in south Texas--that is most of the time. This summer is turning out to be a killer. We're going to be counting how many days we'll be over 100 degrees. I think the record was 1981 when we went for over 50 days over 100. And believe me, you can tell the difference between 100 and 103.

Summers are killers. Winter are wonderful, but then we've paid for our easy winters.


  1. I'm in Arizona. I moved her with a Nebraskan car - no air conditioning. Now I know why the car dealerships in Phoenix don't have any cars without air conditioning. Let's just say, that car didn't last long, and I moved here the summer it hit 122 degree.

  2. Ouch. And that nonsense about dry heat is a myth.


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