Monday, June 7, 2010

I've Got the Vacation Bible School Blues

Tonight began my church's Vacation Bible School. This is my son's third year attending. It's a memory I have of childhood, and isn't it funny, but the best part of my memory is that for that one week of church, we were allowed to have cookies and kool-aid in the classroom.

Wow. I tried to get Mikey to tell me what he enjoyed most tonight, but it was almost nine as we drove back home and a combination of fatigue and pure five-year-old stubbornness prevented him from answering. I do know he enjoys it, though, because I check on him. I peek in while he's playing games, I stand in the back and listen as he sings, I watch when it's his turn to walk his kool-aid carefully to his seat.

Okay, and here's the pure Mommy of a boy moment. I try not to chuckle when I hear him singing, "If you're farting and you know it, clap your hands." Hmmm, if I tried to put that in one of my LI books, would I get to keep it?

What are your personal memories, or do you - like me - have a child who changes the words.


  1. Oh, your son's song made me laugh. Oh my. Reminds me of Silent Night and the little boy who thought it was "sleep in heavenly peas."

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  3. LOL!! Little boys can be so cute! :)

    My favorite thing one of my sons said when he was little (and had been watching commercials on TV), was:
    "Mommy, if they make push up bras, do they also make push DOWN bras?" Of course, I tried really hard not to laugh and told him that gravity takes care of that. :)

    I sent that to Reader's Digest once but as far as I know, they never included it in the funny things kids say.

  4. Leann,
    Oh the things my son sings. His favorite word is fart. I blame my husband, of course. The old fast.

  5. Missy,
    I just wish they'd make Never Dig Into Your Sides Again bras.


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