Saturday, November 3, 2012

Featured Book: LEGACY OF LOVE by Christine Johnson

She dreamed of digging through ancient ruins--but the only exploring Anna Simmons gets to do is in the expensive houses she cleans in Pearlman, Michigan. When Brandon Landers hires her, she's unsure whether to be furious or thrilled. He evicted Anna and her ailing mother, but she's heard rumors of hidden treasure on his land. Treasure Anna decides to find. Not just for herself, but for her new employer whose unexpected kindness has softened her heart.

Physically and spiritually wounded in the Great War, Brandon knows not to hope for the impossible--like buried riches or Anna's love. Is there still time for them to learn that the only treasure they need is a lifetime together?


  1. sounds like a good story, she wants to find the treasure to help him because he helped her...
    thanks for sharing today
    Paula O(

  2. Christine, I love the premise of your book. And the cover is lovely!!!

  3. Hi, Paula O! Thank you for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you.

    Renee, so good to see you at M&M last month! I agree about the cover. The artists really captured the scene and the mood beautifully.

  4. Such a lovely story, Christine.
    It warms my heart to watch people (re)feeding fantasies and trust on the hearts of those who gave up all that.
    Awesome cover too.
    Congratulations and Sucess for your work.

  5. Hi Teresa, thank you for the congratulations and for taking time to stop by today. Tomorrow, the heroine of Legacy of Love, Anna Simmons, interviews the hero right here on this blog. Should be fun to see what secrets she can get him to divulge!