Friday, December 28, 2012

A Second Chance Christmas

Linda Goodnight here with a flash fiction story I wrote for Romantic Times Magazine. Short and sweet and a departure from my usual contemporary story. Hope you like it!
Shane gazed out the cabin window at a plain brown Christmas Eve. A cold drizzle fell over Indian Territory. He couldn’t give his child her heart’s desire, but he’d hoped God would grant Marcy’s wish for snow. Shane had ruined her chances of getting the other.

"Papa, is she coming?"

"Not today." Probably never. Not after what he’d done.

"But you said…"

"The train can’t run. The bridge is out." Excuses, excuses.

"But it’s Christmas, Papa. God won’t forget."

Shane’s heart ached. He’d used up all his faith to write Amelia. Now two months without an answer. She hadn’t forgiven him. Perhaps God hadn’t either.

"Let’s sing." And so they did. As "Silent Night" died away, sweet peace descended—And outside a noise clattered.

Marcy rushed to the door. "Mommy!"

Amelia leaped from a wagon, grabbing them both in a fierce embrace.

"I thought-" Shane said, disbelieving. "You never replied—"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"But the train—."

"A woman in love will find a way. Merry Christmas, darling."

In love.

She still loved him. Shane drew his reunited family closer, thankful for a second chance.
He lifted his face heavenward. Rain had turned to snow.
God had not forgotten them after all.

If you enjoyed my little journey to the past, perhaps you'll also like A Candlelight Christmas, a historical duo with Mary Conneally only from My "Outlaw's Gift" is a rerelease from many years ago, but Mary's wonderful story is brand new.
 I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and that the New Year brings you joy and peace.


  1. oh how sweet. loved your novella also.

  2. Thank you, Jenny and Valri.

    Jenny, I'm glad you liked the novella.

    Hope you both had a nice Christmas.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for "A Second Chance Christmas" it was such a beautiful story. I could read it over and over again. God bless you
    Norma Stanforth


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