Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Fiction-Christmas Eve in Jubliee by Leann Harris

It was a dark and snowy night. Ann had driven in from Dallas to surprise her family on this Christmas Eve. It been too long, too many years.

Ann stopped at the bakery on Main street in Jubilee, just outside of Grand Junction to buy the Christmas cookies at Sweet Treats bakery, a family favorite. As she rushed out the door of the bakery, her arms filled with a basket of cookies for all 20 members of her extended family, she ran into a massive chest and bounce back.  A strong arm reached out, grasping her arm, keeping her from landing on her dignity.  

She looked up, ready to thank her savior, but the words stuck in her throat.

“Hello, Ann.  You’re a little late for our wedding.  Twelve years late, if I don’t miss my guess.”

Ann swallowed.  Noel Christmas, six feet four of good-looking American male and her high-school sweetheart, was still as handsome as ever with piercing blue eyes and his brown hair peeked out from beneath his cowboy hat.  He made her heart skip a beat. How she could’ve left him on that long ago snowy Christmas Eve was still a mystery to her. But she had a valid reason.

"Hello, Noel. I've come back to say those vows."


  1. Im with you Lenora but I want to know the reason. Its like a cliff hanger.
    I am loving these stories.

    (trying to think of cold snow helps with this heat. its 91% humidity and while only around 68 tonight after the heat the house is hot and damp with this humidity which we are not use to. going back to bed to try sleep and will try thinking snow!)

  2. I know Jenny. What was that valid reason?

    I'm really enjoying these.

  3. Yeah, now you have to come up with a reason!

  4. Goodness how could she have thought of something to say so quick and "What she said"floored me. this definately was a short short, I wanted more

    Paula O(


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