Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

This is Margaret Daley here wishing you a happy New Year. I want the best for you in 2013.

Have you made in New Year resolutions yet? Are you going to? I gave up making them years ago because it became more stressful than helpful. I never made it past January with a resolution in tact. That's not to say I don't make goals for myself. I have weekly writing goals and usually make them. I'm trying to stick to a goal of exercising three times a week on the treadmill. Most of the time I do, but I have to admit December was a hard month to do it.

Before saying good-bye to 2012, take a look back at the year. What are you most thankful for in 2012? I am thankful that my husband is home from the hospital and is slowly recovering.

What do you want in 2013? I want my husband to get back to one hundred percent. Oh, I hope I continue to write entertaining, moving stories.


  1. Happy New Year, everyone. Margaret, my resolution is to write faster. May 2013 bring nothing but wonderful blessings.

  2. Happy New Year Mararet and everyone else! My resolution is to find more balance in my life this year - focusing on family, spiritual, health, community and writing.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR Blessed friends!

    May we experience success and progress this year. The theme for this year in my church is: ENTERING INTO HIS REST.

    May we all enter into god's rest, spiritually, health-wise and in all aspects of our lives in Jesus name.

    Keep writing and reading!


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