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Ask Elnora--About A Dark and Snowy Night--Lenora Worth

Hello, my lovely dashing, flashing fiction readers. Elnora loves a good Christmas story. Something short and sweet and with a happy ending. So when I asked the Craftie Ladies if they'd like to do a little Flash Fiction for the holidays, several hands raised. So from now until the new year, we have a little extra treat for you. We're going to write little stories right here on the blog. I know, exciting, right?

But there's more. We are going to be take names and pick winners.

Every time you post and comment on a story, we will record your name and come January 1st, we will take all the names of the bloggers who've posted on all of our stories and draw a winner to receive books, lots of books.

Yes, it's our December Book Blast Flash Fiction Merry Christmas fun time! And I get to kick things off--So here we go.
It was a dark and snowy night. Along the street, white lights sparkled on the trees and the wind howled and huffed against the buildings and caused the lights to twinkle like stars.

Noel Tinsel tugged her red coat close, hoping to block the icy bite of the frosty air. She was late for Christmas Eve dinner at her grandfather's house. As if to remind her that she hadn't eaten since that morning, her tummy growled along with the hissing wind. Yes, she was hungry but she prayed Grandfather hadn't invited another "suitor" to surprise her.

She held a hand over her eyes to keep the drifting snow away from her frozen face, her thoughts on the judge's misguided attempts to find her a "decent fellow." Just as she rounded the last corner and hurried toward the huge white Victorian house that sat all decked out in red and green like a fancy lady, she heard what sounded like horses trotting behind her.

Noel glanced back and blinked. A sleigh, here in downtown Flurryville?

When the beautiful red sleigh pulled by two white horses slid up beside her, Noel had to stop and blink again.

The man driving the shiny sleigh smiled down at her. "I'm lost and I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for the Tinsel home. Judge Tinsel?"

Noel smiled up at the dashing stranger. He looked too modern to be driving a sleigh. Had grandfather invited him? "Who are you, anyway? Santa Claus?"

The man smiled and Noel felt a little flutter like a dancing snowflake inside her heart.

"No, just a friend of the judge. He invited me to meet his granddaughter." He shrugged. "I don't usually go on blind dates, but ... my uncle offered me this old sleigh and well, I thought wouldn't it be nice to go on a sleigh ride tonight?"

Noel giggled. "Are you for real? I mean, you sound like a Christmas song." And he looked straight out of a Christmas ad.

The man hopped down from the sleigh and shook her hand. "I'm Jackson Frost."

"Right," Noel replied. "And I'm the Easter Bunny."

Jackson looked amused. "Do you know where the judge lives?"

Noel nodded and accepted her fate. This one might just be a keeper. "Right there." She pointed to the big, welcoming house at the end of the street. "I'm his granddaughter, Noel."

Jackson's laughter startled the horses. "Noel. I've heard a lot about you."

"I'm sure you have," Noel replied. "Hey, if we feed you, do I get to ride in that sleigh?"

Jackson lifted a gloved hand. "In this winter wonderland? I think tonight is a perfect night. Hop in and I'll take you home, Noel."

It wasn't all that far to Grandfather's house, Noel thought. But ... she'd always loved the sound of sleigh bells. And the name Noel Tinsel Frost had such a nice ring to it. "Thank you, Grandfather," she whispered into the whistling wind. Then she snuggled under the furry white blanket Jackson tucked around her and glided into the future.


  1. Lovely snippet, Lenora. You had fun with those names I'm sure!

  2. Cute use of winter and Christmas names. Thanks for the fun read.

  3. Great idea! Loved the cute mini-story, Lenora! Such a fun idea!

  4. Cute. I've never read or written flash fiction before so this was very fun indeed.

  5. Oh how cool love the story. love the names. Love the sleigh.
    Loved it all. Thanks for a great start to my day.

  6. Thanks, everyone. And to the little elf who put the spaces between my paragraphs, bless you!! I have not yet mastered that skill. Made it much easier to read. Sorry I'm late posting. I was at a three hour Booksigning and had a spotty Internet connection. I'm glad you all enjoyed the story. Now I want to go on a sleigh ride. Through the swamp maybe!

  7. OK now I want to read the rest of the story.

  8. Lenora, what a beautiful story!! I loved it. I look forward to the next few weeks!

  9. Also meant to say I loved the character names as well. :)

  10. Thanks, Missy and Ellen Too. I'm looking forward to reading the others short stories, too.

  11. What fun. I've never read flash fiction before, either. Can't wait for the next one.

  12. My first flash fiction read! Cute.

  13. this is so fanciful and Christmasy with all the names, I can see the sleigh coming down the snowy neighborhood and Noel meeting her desiny. just like a fairy-tale.
    Love it
    Paula O(

  14. Lenora, this is such a cute story.
    The names are sweet. Thanks.

  15. Good to see some new faces here. Y'all come back again!


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