Friday, January 4, 2013

Ask Elnora--About Packing? Lenora Worth

Hello my precious friends! Well, it's official. Elnora is moving to Florida. We sold our house last weekend and now it's time to get packing. Luckily, Big Daddy has already done most of the heavy packing and the heavy lifting and the ... everything involved in moving five hundred miles south.

I expect him to pack my computer and me into a big box and duct tape us and then just set us up in my office in Florida. Most of what is left involves my office, my office closet, my shoe closet and my clothes closets. Now I have to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

After 53 books--I'm working on number 53 right now--I have a lot of big envelopes stacked all over my office. I have galleys, and proof copies and AAs and editing copies so that's about 15,000 pages of copy paper.  I mean, I started on a word processor (after throwing my typewriter and white-out out the window). I've been through two typewriters, one word processor and about three computer and this ancient laptop I have now. A lot of keys have given their best to my tapping fingers.Writers don't like to throw things away, do we? We also don't like to pack things for a move. We mostly like to sit and write and keep our comforting clutter around us. But I must sort, simplify and save.

That got me to thinking? What's the worst moving experience you've ever had? What's the funniest moving experience you've ever had? What's your favorite move? And is it ever easy to move to a new place and leave the old one behind? Let's discuss while I sit here and wonder what to take and what to leave behind.

Here's to new horizons--


  1. only moved 3 times at almost 2, 8 and then 3 and a half years ago.
    going through mums stuff. she kept plastic bags of all sorts but when she had a bag full she would start a new bag and put the other one in the cupbaord, found 12 lots in about 3 cupboards then found heeps more in the shed.

  2. Jenny, that sounds like a big job. I'm a pack rat but I'm learning to let things go.

  3. I'm a packrat, too, and learning to let go.
    My last move was 10 and a half years ago when I went from being single to married.
    My soon-to-be husband and my soon-to-be brother-in-law were moving things from apartment to the home we'd purchased. Their comment, "Next time, we're not moving this many books. Who needs this many books? Have you read all these books?" LOL
    Today, I have more books.
    I guess we ain't moving.

  4. I remember moving to Lubbock and having my baby daughter in the car that was packed to the gills and my husband driving the other car with the cocker spaniel. I remember driving up on the caprock. That's where the land rises 500 feet in the air. It's an amazing sight

  5. I have learnt not to keep everything and do go through things more now. books are a problem but I donate to the church library.

  6. Books. That is a problem. I gave away a lot of books, some I never got to read. But for the most part, I'm taking my books with me. I have a Nook now and we have an iPad but I like "real" books still.
    We do have a long hallway in the townhouse. Maybe it will be lined with bookshelves! When we drove to Louisiana from Georgia, I had my daughter, several ferns, a turtle named George and a few lizards and grasshoppers who hitched a ride. Fun times!

  7. I use to be a pack rat, but not quiet as bad, i still hold on to some things, so i guess you could still say i am a pack rat. God bless you.
    Norma S.

  8. Thank you, Norma. I need lots of prayers right now!


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