Friday, January 11, 2013

The Harlequin of the Moment

Yesterday, we talked about the first Harlequin that we read.  Today, we're talking about the most recent.  So, what are you reading, per Harlequin, today.
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The Captain's Mission is the first book I've read by Debby Guisti. I really like Debby so I was pleased that I enjoyed her book too! This is book 2 in her "Military Investigations" series. Her heroine CID Agent Kelly McQueen has the unpleasant task of investigating the death of a solider during a tranining exercise. The soldier was killed was under the command of Captain Phil Thibodeaux. The mystery of whe ther the soldier was killed by accident or murdered soon begins to threaten Kelly in particular. And what about the aging mother of the dead soldier? Why isn't she getting the care Kelly thinks she needs. Both Phil and Kelly have to get past their pasts to figure out the truth of this death and what's keeping them from a love they both deserve. Good book!

Lyn Cote

I just finished Camy Tang's "Protection for Hire" and highly recommend it. The alpha heroine is a former mobster who has given her life to Christ and doesn't quite know what to do with herself. It's such a great inner conflict to watch this heroine try to figure out how to be herself while also projecting her faith. Camy handles it beautifully and I really enjoyed the insight into the Asian/American culture.

Linda Goodnight

I'm reading Cheryl Wyatt's "Doctor to the Rescue".

Leann Harris

The Harlequin I read most recently was WAKING UP MARRIED by Mira Lyn Kelly, from the new Harlequin KISS line. I really enjoyed the snappy banter between the hero and heroine. It will be fun seeing how this new contemporary line develops.

Teri Wilson

I last read Regina Scott's The Rake's Redemption, a November 2012 LIH title. I couldn't wait to read this book since it promised to solve the mystery of the Everard Legacy. Naturally, it did not disappoint me one bit. Now, I'm in deep with one of the LIH titles off my TBR pile - Renee Ryan's Courting the Enemy. Love, love, love her WWII spy thriller romances. They keep me on the edge of my seat.

Christine Johnson

The most recent Harlequin book I've read is our own Winnie Grigg's "Hand-Picked Husband." Love Winnie's books. I also recently enjoyed Susan Sleeman's "Double Exposure" and Sandra Orchard's "Critical Condition" which, incidentally, is about a nurse! I've come full circle.

Lenora :)

I most recently read Virginia Carmichael's debut novel from Love Inspired, Season of Joy. I loved the setting (a homeless shelter), and I loved the characters and really rooted for them to find their happy ending!


Oh wait! I read Seasons of Joy by Virginia Carmichael, too. And I really loved it. It was a tender story about personal growth and helping those in need, and I really loved the main character's work with the homeless shelter. That's a spin you don't see very much of in novels.

Naomi Rawlings

Last week I read Lyn Cote's Frontier Family, a Love Inspired Historical. I walked away with new knowledge about Quakers, with a real urge to spend a weekend in a cabin (she described it so well), and an attachment to Sunni and Noah. It was a great story that inspired me to go looking for her previous Gabriel Sisters' book.

Pamela Tracy


  1. Thanks, Lyn, for your kind words about THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION.

    I just finished Ruth Logan Herne's Love Inspired, Reunited Hearts! Excellent. Ruthy packs so much emotion in her stories that I fall in love with the hero and heroine from the get go! I highly recommend her books.

  2. I'm about to start one of Judy Baer's. She's excellent on characterization.

  3. I'm always surprised when another author tells me that they've read my book. Why is that? When I'm always reading someone else's book?

  4. I'm packing and praying and having a few tears over good memories, so I appreciate you all stepping in today. I love to read my friends books because in this business we have to support each other. I love and support each of you and you have lifted me up many, many times.
    As Lenora would say--"Girl power rocks!" But dusty bunnies are our friends, too. She says as she sneezes and packs!

  5. Duh, that was supposed to be as Elnora would say--can you tell we are both a little frazzled today!!!! Maybe I should just sweep the room with a glance!

  6. Moving is one of the top seven stressors. You take care and be safe. You're going to have a blast in Florida, and hey, you can invite all the Craftie Ladies to come to a beach party some summer!

    1. ARE. I need to stick to packing today. After going through old papers, I realized I've been a published author for twenty years. We shall celebrate when I find some energy again.

  7. Oh, thanks, ladies!

    I hope the book inspred people to step out of the comfort zones and maybe volunteer.

    Some of those bigger missions have some great places to spend time: preschool areas, planning activities, and decorating for the holidays.

    We'll skip the filing room, shall we? :D

  8. Navy SEAL Rescuer by Shirlee McCoy


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