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Looking to Publish?

Happily Editor After: A chance to find your manuscript’s perfect editorial match

May 8, 2013 at 1 p.m.

Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell and Associate Editors Elizabeth Mazer and Shana Smith are looking to fall in love…with your manuscripts. If you think your story will make our hearts pound and palms sweat, then we have a great opportunity for you.

We’re on the prowl for new authors for Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical, and we’ll listen to your ideas in a new speed dating pitch opportunity called Happily Editor After.

This opportunity is open to anyone who has never been published with the Love Inspired lines and who doesn’t currently have a full manuscript under consideration with a Love Inspired editor. It only requires that you get a synopsis ready and have a desire to write for the inspirational (Christian) romance market. You’ll have a chance to peruse our online matchmaking profiles and pick the editor who you think would love your story. Then you’ll get to pitch her your idea in one paragraph, and your chosen editor will respond by filling out the following comment card with her first impression of the idea.

Check one:

__I’ll cry if you don’t send me your manuscript (requested full)

__I’d like to get to know your manuscript better (requested proposal)

__I’m not sure if there’s a spark between your manuscript and me, but I’m willing to give it a chance to convince me (requested synopsis)

__There’s just no connection between your manuscript and me (no request, but isn’t it great to know the idea won’t work before you spend time writing it?)

Just like with online dating, polish your pitches and put your best foot forward. Pay attention to our likes and dislikes so you can pick the right match for your manuscript and wow us with your work. Start those manuscripts now so that if you get a request, you can send it in. While full manuscripts aren’t required for the pitch, just like real dating, the more you have to offer, the more interested we’ll be. Please be sure to mention in your pitch how much of the manuscript is completed. A similar pitch session in 2012 resulted in 9 contract offers, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

How this will work

Sign up stating your intent to pitch the editor you think is the perfect match for your story by Monday May 6th. Each editor has up to 50 available slots. First come, first served. You can only pick one editor. If your first choice is full, you will be given the opportunity to choose another editor.


• Sign up in this thread and email Rae- stating your intent to pitch by Monday May 6th with the name of the editor you would like to pitch to, the line your ms is targeted to, the title of your ms, and percent complete. You are not signed up until you email Rae and Rae confirms!

• On Wednesday, May 8th at 1pm Eastern, we will gather in the chat room. The editors will go into separate rooms, where they will hear individual pitches.

• Pitchers will be called in the order they signed up to give their pitch. Though we will try to make accommodations for people on break from work, we cannot guarantee a specific pitch time.

• Once the editor gives her feedback, the next pitcher will be called into the room.

• We will be quickly going through each pitch in order, so be prepared to copy and paste your pitch.

We will have practice chats to allow pitchers to practice using the chat room. We will announce the schedule closer to the pitch. If you have not pitched in the chat room before, please plan on attending a practice chat to make the pitches go as smoothly as possible.

Guidelines: Take time to read the Love Inspired guidelines to make sure your story fits in with what Love Inspired is all about.

Love Inspired

Love Inspired Historical

Love Inspired Suspense

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  1. What an opportunity! I hope lots of aspiring authors check this out. Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and the Love Inspired Historical lines are wonderful, and the editors are wonderful as well!

  2. Yes, very cool that they're doing this again!


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