Thursday, January 24, 2013

What some of the Crafties are Reading Next

I'm going to be reading The Marshal Meet's His Match by Clari Dees. I've been waiting for this book a long time. Well, it seemed like a long time. I read the blurb on Amazon way before the book came out and couldn't wait to get my hands on it :) This week I bought it and Janet Lee Barton's Remedy for the Heart at Walmart. I just finished Janet's book and now can't wait to get into Clari's. But, first I have to finish the art fact sheet for my next book coming out. So much fun!
Rhonda Gibson   plan to read A Daughter's Redemption, an LI, by Georgiana Daniels. This is her first novel. I chose it because in December Camy Tang came to AZ and called me on the phone. Next thing I knew we were in my mini-van heading for Sierra Vista (about a two hour drive) to have lunch with Georgiana. As I listened to Georgiana talk about her book, I knew I had to read it. I found it at my local Fry's store and it's on my dresser waiting for me to finish the book I'm currently reading - btw, reading is going slow as school just started this week (Hello 125 new students!) and I have revisions due today.

Pamela Tracy

The next Harlequin I'm going to read is Barbara McMahon's Rocky Point Promise. I picked it up because I liked the title and the first couple of pages hooked me.
Linda Goodnight
  The next LIS on my pile is Survive the Night by Vicki Hinze (hmm, that puts me 3 months behind on new releases), but 6 Rita novels are in line ahead of it. :(
Sandra Orchard

The next Harlequin on my reading list is Tracking Justice, by Shirley McCoy. Tracking Justice is the first book in the new Texas K-9 continuity series from Love Inspired Suspense, which centers around a canine search and rescue police unit. I've really been looking forward to this series!

Teri Wilson


  1. Getting ready to read Doctor to the Rescue by Cheryl Wyatt

  2. Hi Pamela:

    I just read “The Marshal Meets His Match” and Clari Dees is one of the best writers I’ve read in using physical proxies. You will feel this book. Watch for them as you read, there must be over 100. Here’s one:

    “Meri imagined the look on the marshal’s face when he realized she was gone, and grinned.”

    Can’t you just feel what she is feeling and she never told us what Meri was feeling. Also, the voice is very fresh. It seems the author made a great effort to say common things in new ways. It’s a treat to read if you’re a writer yourself and you see how much work went into this book.

    Here’s an uncommon way to say something common and provide a great physical proxy as well:

    Jonah’s hearty laugh thundered out. “She’s a handful, but I’ll take a strong, opinionated female over a silly, pampered flibbertigibbet any day of the week.”

    I read it. I loved it. It’s 5-star all the way. You have a treat in store.


  3. Carissa,
    Cheryl writes a great book.

  4. Vince,
    Clari Dees, not a name I've heard. What line is it?

  5. Hi Pamela:

    It for this little line called Love Inspired. : )

    I'm sure you are going to hear about her. Wait and see.


  6. Yikes, how'd I miss her. I'm going to go google her now. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been on a historical bent lately too.


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