Monday, January 28, 2013

Wintery days and good books...

I've been really enjoying the posts on what everyone has been reading lately.  It's wonderful to find new authors to try, and good books I haven't read!

Yesterday was Sunday, and we had an icy day here in Iowa.   Rain turned to sleet, our driveway and little country road turned into a skating rink.  So I kept the horses safe in the barn all day--no ice skates for them!--and we enjoyed a quiet day at home.    

After catching up on some housework, I curled up by the fireplace with Their Frontier Family, by Lyn Cote.   What a great read!  I'd really recommend it, if you haven't had a chance to read it yet.   

After reading it from cover to cover, I started on The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry.  I'm really enjoying the Downton Abbey television series on PBS, and thought I'd like to spend some of my reading time in England, too!  Is anyone else following Downton Abbey?
Hope you are all staying safe and warm!
Roxanne Rustand


  1. Your ice storm came east over night and we awoke to it. :( But expecting balmy weather tomorrow! Uh, for those in the south that means in the 50s. :)

  2. WE got snow. Rox, thanks for taking time to read my book. And I LOVE ANNE PERRY'S books!

  3. I am trying to recover from last night's DA episode.

    Was so glad to have an excuse to stay in and read this weekend. The ice storm was just what I needed, especially because the power didn't go out.

    Peace, Julie

  4. Roxanne, I'm a big Downton Abbey fan! I'm a little behind. Have recorded this season's episodes but haven't started watching yet. Am trying to stay away from any conversations about the episodes so I don't get any spoilers! :)

    Sandra, we're in the balmy 50's here in the South today too. And supposed to be 70 tomorrow!

  5. I started Downton Abbey this season and was instantly hooked. Last night's episode was so sad. Hubby and I both had tears in our eyes.

    Shhh...don't mention what happened to Missy.

    Loved your pics of the ice storm. I'm in GA. As Missy said, temps in the 50's today. Chilly but not frigid. Which is why we live in the South.


  6. Sorry to be slow in getting back here...our son and his family live in a little town 30 miles away, and I spent part of the day taking care of our three month old granddaughter. Such a sweetie!

    I was surprised that our power didn't go out, Julie, so that was a nice surprise for us, too.

    Wow, Missy--70's sound amazing! All of you southerners have it made in the winter! Butg I still love our four very distinct and sometimes inclement seasons.

    Lyn, you are the reason I started on Anne Perry--I think you mentioned her on FB. I am really enjoying her. I treated myself with your book and the start of her first Charlotte book, after working on my stack of Rita books.

    Um...does anyone else think the judging system is a tad confusing this year? The "'This book is not a romance' Yes/No" threw me until I read the directions twice!

  7. Roxanne, I'm a huge Downton Abbey fan. I visited Highclere Castle this past summer. If was amazing to be there and it all seemed so familiar.

  8. Terri, that's so exciting! We're going to Ireland and England for three weeks this spring, and that's a stop I want to make as well!


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