Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's like a dream come true

Years ago, I began to read those wonderful books by Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt (who didn't love Nine Coaches Waiting or Bride of Pendorric?) and any of those wildly romantic, sometimes historical, always suspenseful novels. Ooh, especially if they had a castle, a cliff and woman on the run in a white gown. Oh, how I loved them!

This is making me all nostalgic for those great novels again. I devoured Barbara Cartland and her historicals. Cadfael novels were candy to me. I absolutely adored them!

So, naturally, I wanted to write one.  And at that know-it-all age of fourteen, I knew I could. Well, I got about 250 words in and had my heroine racing all over Continental Europe, making it to England from Switzerland in less than two days (snort, like that happened in the 1300s) for some enigmatic reason that no doubt made sense at the time. Then I got bored and moved off to other things. Writing an historical obviously took time and you actually had to have a plot. Who'd have thought that?!!?
Well, my dream slipped away as life took over. I grew up, had a career and children before I revisited that dream. My hero stayed the same, though. He got tossed back a few centuries, as I have always loved Medieval settings, but he was always strong and brave.
Then, last year, God plopped me down at my computer. And with his help, I wrote steadily for several months and produced a tale of my hero, still strong and brave, but facing an enemy like no other. A hurt and vulnerable woman in need of God's love in her life.
I found an agent, and I just knew that Love Inspired Historical would publish Bound to the Warrior, then called Her Norman Husband.

It's a tale of God's love for us, and our love for each other. My heroine doesn't dash about Europe. In fact, she's never left her keep and nor does she run away from a mysterious castle in a white gown. Instead, she finds God's love in an unlikely place - her Norman husband.
But, with those memories of Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart echoing inside of me, my hero and heroine face suspenseful dangers that could destroy their budding love.
Cadfael would be proud.
Bound to the Warrior comes out in early March. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


  1. have to say haven't read the authors you mentioned. Did read one book by Catherine Cookson. I think I saw Cadfael on tv.

    Congrats on your book coming out in March.

  2. Barbara,
    I loved the same books you did. Ellis Peters was an awesome writer. So is Elizabeth Peters. Must be something in the name.
    Medieval and gothic novels were my bread and butter for many years.
    Can't wait to read your story.

  3. Barbara, we loved the same authors! Congratulations on your upcoming book. I'm excited to see a medieval-set LIH coming out.

  4. Barbara, I read Mary Steward and Victoria Holt, too. Even though I don't write suspense, I love reading it. Your book sounds good.

  5. Ah, Mary Stewart - I read and re-read her books as a teen. Absolutely LOVED them - they are the books that most made me long to be an author myself. And yes, I read Vicria Holt and Ellis Peters, ad Elizabeth Peters and Anya Seton as well.

    Your book sounds wonderful and has a lovely cover. It's already in my TBR pile and I can't wait to dig into it!

  6. I remember reading Victoria Holt, oh so long ago...
    I like your thoughts and how you grew up to be the writer you thought you could be, thanks for sharing this book with us today, I have not read about a Norman husband before...

    Paula O(

  7. Thank you all so much for dropping by. Pat, Ellis Peters wrote under many pen names. She was such a good writer. Paula, I hope you'll check out my book. I loved writing it. Seeing it here is like a dream come true!

  8. Barbara,
    Your book looks delightful. Congrats!

    I wrote a suspense in 3rd or 4th grade about seven girls, which I titled, "We Are Seven." What more can I say? :)

    Loved reading Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart. Gothic novels still capture my interest.


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