Thursday, May 21, 2015

Almost summer!

Ah! It's almost summer. And it definitely felt like summer when I took a short vacation from Michigan to sunny Ft. Lauderdale this past weekend.

After my first and very long Michigan winter.....

this Southern girl needed the hot sun of Florida!

I'm one of those crazy people who loves waking up early on vacation to go outside and enjoy the weather. I had my laptop and kindle with me and used the time outside to write (under a big umbrella). It was very inspiring.

As summer quickly approaches, where will you spend your vacation? 
And what books are you looking forwarding to reading?

I just received the cover for my next Love Inspired Suspense, EXPERT WITNESS, due out in September. Here it is!


  1. Hi Rachel! Congrats on the new book. I know what you mean about rising early to see the new day, though I'm usually outdoors with a cup of tea and my devotions. Splendid beginning to the new day.

    Loved the photos! What a blessing to enjoy the sun and warmth after the cold winter in Michigan. We do have lovely summers up here, though.

  2. Awesome cover!

    I'm a Michigan gal who lives in Florida now. I don't miss the winters, but summer in the mitten is gorgeous! Hope you get to enjoy it!

  3. I'm in Arizona. We drive two hours just to play in the snow.

    But, sigh, I'd love to sitting under my umbrella writing. Sounds like great fun,especially if there's no interruptions.

  4. I live in AZ, like Pamela, but I used to live in FL. When I see photos of the beach, I do miss it. When I lived in FL, I rarely got up in time to see a sunrise. I see one almost everyday in AZ. I definitely don't miss the cold winters I new as a child, growing up in Montana and South Dakota.

  5. Congratulations on the great cover, Rachel!

    Summer is just around the corner here in Northern California. Sadly we've had little rain the past four years, so it will be hot and extremely dry. I'm praying we don't have as bad a fire season as we had last year.

    On the upside, this summer marks the beginning of my husband's retirement. His last day of school is Friday, May 29. Come May 30 he'll be living life without bells.


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