Friday, May 8, 2015

What We're Reading

Pamela Tracy
What you just finished reading:   Boom - by Tom Brokaw.  It is about the 60s and all the changes that came about.  He mentioned a lot of movers and shakers.  I'm after the sixties, so many of the names didn't mean anything to me.  Many, however, did.  I didn't know Tom started as a journalist in Omaha (my hometown).  Of course, I wasn't born yet.  Before reading the book, I had an opinion on Vietnam.  His book didn't change my opinion.  He did inspire me to look up a few people, like Arlo Gruthrie and Alice's Restaurant.  I also liked reading about the Women's Movement (both good and bad) as well as segregation.  This book took me forever as a lot of it dragged or was repetitive (if you interview different people on the same topic, there will be some repeat).

What you are now reading:  Rod by Rod Stewart.  I might not finish this.  I think I came along (actually had an opinion on what I wanted to listen to) when his popularity  was waning.  Good decision.  I'm finding nothing to take away from this book except that if he deleted his references to the drug culture and womanizing, he'd have a very short book.  How sad that besides his music, he seems to have left no positive stamp on those he touched.  Oh, wait, there are a few paragraphs about model railroads and football that are redeeming.

What you plan to read next: The Book of Life and Missy's new one.

Louise M. Gouge
What you just finished reading: A Stranger's Secret by Laurie Alice Eakes
What are you reading now: A Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey
What you plan to read next: Suitor by Design by Christine Johnson 

Missy Tippens
What you just finished reading: I know it's a little out of season, but the last book I finished (that wasn't read judging a contest) was A Sandy's Seashell Shop Christmas by Lisa Wingate, one of my favorite authors.
What are you reading now: I'm actually reading a how-to book right now, preparing for writing a blog post. It's called Between the Lines: master the subtle elements of fiction writing. By Jessica Page Morrell.
What you plan to read next: Once I finish writing my blog post, I'm going to go back to a book I recently started: The Memory House by our own Linda Goodnight. It's so good! :)

 Lenora Worth
 I'm reading: A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander. It's a big, lush historical that showcases Belmont Mansion in Tennessee. I haven't read a historical in a while but this one is perfect. It's a Southern story set after the Civil War. Now I hope to read more of Tamara's books. She is such a great storyteller! 
I'm also reading a really good book for an endorsement. It's set in the 1980s and it's a compelling story. It will surely get a thumbs-up from me!

Teri Wilson
What you just finished reading: The Liar by Nora Roberts. This is Nora's latest romantic suspense book. It's huge. Like War & Peace-sized. Ha. I read it while I was on vacation in Colorado and liked it very much. It has a darling little girl character that is making me think about having a child character in my next Love Inspired book.
What are you reading now: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. This YA book is so good that I can barely put it down. Seriously breathtaking. Also heartbreaking...I need a tissue. Or ten. *sniffle*
What you plan to read next: The Last Breath by Kimberly Belle. This is a suspenseful women's fiction for MIRA that my editor at Love Inspired edited. She says I will love it. My editor and I exchange book recommendations all the time. We have our own little cyber book club. I can't wait to read this.

Terri Reed
What you just finished reading: You’re Not Safe by Mary Burton
What are you reading now: Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler
What you plan to read next:Deceived by Irene Hannon

Mindy Obenhaus
What you just finished reading: Yuletide Baby by Deb Kastner
What are you reading now:  How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck
What you plan to read next: Heart of a Soldier by Belle Calhoune

Allie Pleiter
Just finished: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo -- very useful and inspiring, but who knows when I'll have the time to put her comprehensive strategy into practice??
Reading now:  All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - brilliant, as expected for something that just won a Pulitzer.
Plan next: I think I'll tackle Brian Grazer's A Curious Mind.



  1. I am almost finished reading Missy's newest....loving it! Before it, I read Gail's A Mother to Love...great.
    Next, I plan to read Rachel's How to Catch a Prince!
    Happy Mother's Day to all....

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie.

    I was excited that someone else loves Josephine Tey. How cool is that.

  3. I'm reading A Home for Her Heart by Janet Lee Barton
    Just finished read Second Chance Hero by Winnie Griggs
    Will read As Love Blooms by Lorna Seilstad


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