Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Wish I'd Known That! by Christine Johnson

You’ve been there. That Monday morning quarterback feeling. Hindsight is bliss. If only I’d known…

  • If only I’d known that grizzly bears find hiking trails just as convenient as hikers do.
  • If only I’d known that the incoming tide brings in the big critters (as in Sharks) to feed.
  • If only I’d known that publication means hard-and-fast deadlines and spending as much time on non-writing activities as on writing.

The first two turned out all right. It’s never fun to come face-to-face with a grizzly, but luckily he preferred berries to hikers that day. The last one I thought I knew, but it was more like the “yeah, I know, mom” sort of knowing that doesn’t really have a clue. When seasoned authors told me to enjoy my time before getting published, I more or less gave them that “oh sure, easy for you to say” look. After all, they were published! The be all and end all of my 15-year quest. They must be exaggerating. Yep, those sage souls are laughing their socks off right now.

Love by Design

The heroes and heroines of our books often have an “if only I’d known that” moment. For Jen Fox in my current Love Inspired Historical release, Love by Design, a career choice doesn’t turn out quite the way she expected.

Love's Rescue

The heroine in my June release with Revell, Love’s Rescue, might have wished she’d known a little more about ships than she thought she did.

Your turn! What do you wish you’d known earlier?  

Christine Johnson
Love by Design – LIH, May 2015
Love’s Rescue – Revell, June 2015


  1. Christian, I'm on book six of seven in a row, and wow do I understand the message. LOL

  2. Hi Christine,
    I'm sure I have the same "Wish I'd knowns" about writing. The main thing I wish I'd known has to do with other parts of my life. I wish I'd known that I wanted to live in Maine when I was first settling down. It would have been easier then than trying to figure it out now.

    Looking forward to our stories.

  3. Christine, interesting post. I always knew there would be more to getting published than just the writing. In fact, that was one of my greatest fears. How would I ever do a book signing or let people know I had a book for sale. I'm still not great at getting out there and promoting my books.

  4. Hi Mary! Ooooooh, Maine! That's one state I want to visit. I even have friends there. What part of the state attracts you most? Coastline? Mountains? Lakes?

  5. Hi Merrillee! I can so sympathize. I'm not sure how "word of mouth" is created, and that's the top reason people buy books.


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