Friday, May 15, 2015

What We Are Writing

Author: Margaret Daley
Title: Deadly Countdown
Hero and Heroine: Remy Broussard and Allie Martin
Line: Self published—part of Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations
One paragraph from the page you are currently on: She opened her Jeep door and settled behind the steering wheel. Suddenly a boom sounded in her car, shaking the vehicle. Stunned, Allie froze, her heart pounding and her ears ringing.
Due date: June 8, 2015
Word count goal today: None—editing instead
Something cool learned recently from research: Zydeco is a type of music from the Cajun/Creole region in Louisiana often described as lively Cajun music.

Author:  Pamela Tracy
Title: No title yet
Hero and Heroine: Angela Taylor and Jake Farraday
Line:  Heartwarming
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  Angela nodded and headed for the kitchen.  While she gone, Jake looked around the restaurant again.  Shawn was chewing while typing.  Not only was the man not afraid of snakes, but he could type and eat at the same time without spilling his ketchup.  At a booth just opposite from Shawn, Jake could now see, was Celia.  She had a textbook open and was reading.  Like Shawn, she could multi-task.  She was eating ketchup-less French fries, studying, and nodding her head in time to whatever music her earbuds supplied.
Due date:  May 30, 2015
Word count goal today: 2000 words or more
Something cool learned recently from research:  It is believed that somewhere in the Santa Catalina Mountains there is the Iron Door Mine and buried under that door is treasure that exceeds the riches from the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Author: Danica Favorite
Title: The Shotgun Bride
Hero and Heroine: Emma Jane Logan and Jasper Jackson
Line:  Love Inspired Historical
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  
Dismissed. Polite, but with an undercurrent of pain that made him wince. Not because she was trying to hurt him, but because she was trying so hard not to sound like he’d hurt her.
Due date:  August 1st
Word count goal today: 1,000
Something cool learned recently from research:  

Ugh, I researched this book so long ago that I can’t remember anything that stands out. I did recently see some cool old house plans a friend posted on her blog, so I might try to incorporate that.


  1. Sounds wonderful, all of you. I am editing a few short stories I've had wallowing in my computer. I submitted a proposal, but won't start that until I get the go-ahead. Today was a lovely day, and I had hired some teens from our church to do yard work, so I got some editing done in between checking out their awesome work.

  2. It's so fun to see what everyone is working on!


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