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FEATURED BOOK AND INTERVIEW: A Convenient Christmas Bride by Rhonda Gibson

Hitched for the Holidays 
After a pupil's prank forces Anna Mae Leland to take shelter with a widowed sheriff during a blizzard, she loses her teaching job—but gains a fianc√©. Josiah Miller needs a mother for his twin daughters and Anna Mae needs to protect her reputation. This business-only arrangement means the recently jilted Anna Mae need never risk the folly of love again. 
Josiah has long admired the town's spirited schoolteacher from afar. In close quarters, she's an ideal friend and helpmate. Yet Christmas's arrival brings a gift neither dared hope for—a second chance at love and happiness…but only if they'll forego what's practical and follow their hearts.

How exciting to have Anna Mae Leland, the heroine from
A Convenient Christmas Bride written
by Rhonda Gibson, a December 2015 release
from Love Inspired Historical Romance .

1. Anna Mae,
tell me the most interesting thing about you. That�s a hard one. I�m not sure I�m
very interesting. I guess what makes me interesting is that I answered a
mail-order bride advertisement. 

2. What do you do for
fun? I love to read. 

3. What do you put
off doing because you dread it? Cleaning the chicken coop.

4. What are you
afraid of most in life? That I will lose my teaching job.

5. What do you want
out of life? I want to be independent. 

6. What is the most
important thing to you? God, my job and the children I teach, in that order.

7. If you could
change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I�m gullible. Others may not
see me that way, but I do.

8. Do you have a pet?
If so, what is it and why that pet? No, I don�t have a place to keep a pet but
if I did get a pet, I think it would be a kitten. I love their soft purr.

9. Can you tell us a little interesting tidbit about the
time period you live in? Here�s a fun tidbit J 1887 Feb
2, People began gathering at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa., to witness
the groundhog's search for its shadow. 

Rhonda Gibson
The Texan's Twin Blessings - June 2015
A Convenient Christmas Bride - December 2015
A Pony Express Courtship - March 2016 * 


  1. Hi Rhonda Thanks for letting us meet your latest heroine. I love this story idea and I'm looking forward to reading it. Do you realize that you, me, Ginger and Janet all have Christmas books out together? It's a Bards kind of Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the character interview with Anna! Sounds like my kind of heroine :-) I've already put this book on my wish-list :-) These are my kind of stories.


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