Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Storms that Rocked Our Region by Leann Harris

This has been a roller coaster of a Christmas. We've gone from 70 degree days, to rain, snow, and not making it to 40's on Monday. Our trees dropped all their leaves at one time, so my husband decided to rake them up. Well, I couldn't let him do it by himself, so I put off the Christmas baking and helped.
Well, I thought I'd came down with the flu after a day in the breeze, and spent Christmas Eve in bed. Thankfully, it was just sinus. When the tornadoes roared through our area we were with our children and were ready to race into the hall. We were blessed, but many, many people were not. I count my blessings, but please remember all those folks who will always remember the Christmas of 2015 with grief and sorrow.

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  1. Glad your family was safe & sound Leann! There were some who weren't as fortunate, sadly. I saw the devastation on TV from the Texas tornado & my heart goes out to all who are affected. So much damage! Here's praying 2016 will be better.


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