Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Blame it on the Dog

Pamela Tracy here.

A few weeks ago I wound up with some time between work (day job), soccer (ten year olds job), writing (early morning job) … well, the list could go on.  Let's just say I was coming off a seven book contract and taking a few weeks off before deciding what to do next.

Time off?

Free time.

What should I do?

Yes, we drove to another TOWN where I intended to adopt a midsize male puppy.
If you look closely, especially at the second photo, you'll notice that the paws on this
female puppy do not indicate midsize.

Her name is Lucy.  I'm pretty sure it's from the LEGO movie.  She is soooooo not what I intended to let my son choose.  She is sooooooo what we needed.

She likes to be around people and is very patience with my ten-year-old who has never had a dog before. 

It's been a learning curve.  My husband had one dog growing up.  It was giving to him by a family member who didn't ask his parents permission first.

Me, I grew up with dogs.  First with Chihuahuas and then with Shelties (my favorite breed) and after I moved away my parents raised pekinese. (Did I spell that correctly?"

When I was in college, I got a collie puppy.  Here's the truth.  I didn't give it the time it deserved.  I was going to school full-time, working full-time, and I had a boyfriend.  After two months, I gave the puppy to a good family.  It was the right thing to do.  But, I've always felt guilt.  This is why I think it's been thirty years since I've had a dog.

To my amazement, I am the one over the moon about Lucy.  Having a dog somehow completes us.  Not sure why.

According to Tyre the cat, having a dog does not complete us.  Having an only cat should have been enough.
Tyre is patiently waiting (on the bed where the puppy cannot reach him) for us to realize our error
and get rid of the dog.

I'm sure my next book will have a puppy, can't waste all this good research: potty training, buying the right bed, getting her to take the worm medicine, listening to my husband yell when there's a potty training fail, watching my son lay on the floor while the puppy jumps all over him.

Btw, Lucy is 1/4 German shepherd and 3/4 husky.

What animals do you have (and no, husbands don't count.  


  1. Relatively few animals, nowadays, not like when we first met, Pam. Two medium-little dogs, a miniature and a toy Australian Shepherd. A cat, who also knows the dogs are a mistake and daily gets some type of revenge upon us for our foolishness.

  2. I loved all your animals, Dana. And, I really loved the photo I saw of you riding in the Arabian horse show, the beautiful veil flowing down your side and onto the horse. You are awesome.

  3. Now we just have our 18yr old chihauhau/terrier mix Rosie. Almost 3 weeks ago we had to put our very young 5 yr old cat Misty down,who unbeknownst to us, had cancer. :-( We've had our share of animals over the years but never more than two at a time (dog & cat). Rosie will be our last, it's just too hard on our hearts when their time comes.
    I love the cute pictures of your puppy! She looks like she's going to be big once she grows into those paws :-) Isn't it funny how animals really do choose us instead of the other way around? All of our animals have come from the local shelter & each one told us to adopt them. And each one has been a blessing to our family!

    Merry Christmas to your family, Pamela. I hope you feel the peace & love of our Lord Jesus surround you this season!

  4. So cute!!! We had a cat named Cujo but she is in kitty heaven now. I miss her so much!

  5. Trixie, thanks so much for stopping by. I once was doing my clothes in a laundry mat and looked down to find a really young kitten on my foot. I took it home and boy did that cat love me. You're right. Many times the animals choose us :)

    I went two years without a cat after my all-time favorite Aquila (yes, I had a favorite) died, but in the end, I had to have a fur friend.

  6. Lenora,
    Cujo, now where have I heard that name before.

  7. Pamela....Cujo was a the dog in one of Stephen Kings book...yikes!! I used to read those as a teen and I wasn't saved......:-\

  8. Your new furry family member is precious! (And I'm glad you also featured a photo of your kitty, LOL).
    I have 5 adult cats, and several weeks ago "rescued" 2 orphan kittens and now they're living in my house (while I try to find a loving home for them).
    What's funny is that even though I keep saying "7 kitties is too many inside the house" I already love these precious kittens and can't imagine giving them up now. Most of my adult kitties have been fairly patient with the babies, although there's a hiss now and then. ;)

  9. I made the mistake of looking at cats at Petsmart last Monday. There's one I'm crying to have, but hubby says no, and I have to listen. He is helping with the dog and falling in love. Can't push it. Me, I'd have two cats and one dog if it were up to me.


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