Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flamingo in a tutu

On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A flamingo in a tutu.

When I was trying to come up with different things to fit the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, I looked around my office and all I saw were flamingos so hence the opening for the song. I am surrounded by flamingos in my office which has hot pink walls. I have included pictures of some of the various flamingos I have--none in a tutu but one in a grass skirt, another in a skirt, a Santa hat wearing one, another with a hot pink coat on and lastly a flamingo in pants.

So my topic for today is having fun during the holidays. Here are some suggestions I came up with, but I hope you will add yours. What do you and your family and friends do to have fun at Christmas?

1. Decorate the tree with family and even friends--make it a party. (The picture is of my granddaughter having fun with the beads that go on the tree--she's a diva at 17 months--loves those necklaces, even extra long ones.)

2. Bake cookies with the children or grandchildren and then have fun decorating them--the rule is anything goes.

3. Make Christmas cards together.

4. Make Christmas gifts together. In these economic times this is a great way to cut cost and have fun at the same time.

5. Going caroling with friends and family and visit your neighbors to sing to them.

6. Wish people a "Merry Christmas" as you go through your day even strangers on the streets.

7. Listen to and sing Christmas carols in the car, while you're cooking dinner, doing housework--whether you can sing or not. So many of the songs are uplifting and fun.

8. Give of yourself--anytime I do I find myself having fun. I sewed Christmas stocking for some needy children and had a ball coming up with different designs.

9. Visit people who are shut in and bring them some cookies you baked (see #2). Their smiles of appreciation will be contagious.

10.Bake a birthday cake for baby Jesus and have the children decorate it.

Of course, there always is getting together with friends and family. Coming up with a reason to have a party and enjoying it even if you are two friends having a tugging of war over a Christmas basket as Myra and Therese did at our WIN party.

Mostly smile and laugh. Don't let the holidays overwhelm you (that can be hard at times, I know). Take everything one project or task at a time.

Okay, what are some things you do for fun during Christmas? I only mentioned a few. There are so many other things you can do to bring cheer to yourself and others.


  1. love the Flamingo in a tutu.
    the aussie verson has a kookaburra in a gum tree.
    There is really only me and mum and this year mums in the nursing home recovering from her broken leg. But I remember the cookies we use to bake at Christmas I would stir as much as i could and mum finish it then I would turn the forcer and get to eat dough.
    I now make the cookies at christmas for neighbours and as a thankyou to different people like the bike shop owners, and taxi driver etc. people who helped us over the year. This year I am taking some to a few of the shut ins.
    as for music well im listening online right now! I have it on my mp3 player and it goes with me on my walk to the hospital and where ever I go. I sing carols alot.
    I just love this time of year.

  2. We finished the Christmas tree last night :) I bought cookie dough three years ago... hmmm, I think it's still in the cupboard. I've been playing carols in my car for a solid week. I wish people Merry Christmas.
    I'm with Jen, I just love this time of year.

  3. We finished the Christmas tree last night :) I bought cookie dough three years ago... hmmm, I think it's still in the cupboard. I've been playing carols in my car for a solid week. I wish people Merry Christmas.
    I'm with Jen, I just love this time of year.

  4. Great post!! Oh, some fun things we're doing are:
    1. having a little block party with the neighbors to wish them a Merry Christmas.
    2. we (my sweet hubby and I) will go for a bike ride Christmas morning then have a big meal.

    Christmas is a great time of year for me and my sweet's just the two of us, so we spend a lot of time together.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. We normally put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love having only the Christmas lights on. It's so peaceful.

    I don't make cookies very often, but do usually make a huge batch of Chex Mix with extra nuts. Mmm...

    My Christmas party with my critique buddies is one of my holiday highlights, but my favorite thing this year will be sharing Christmas with my two-year-old granddaughter and watching her tear into her presents.

  6. Margaret, I love your flamingos!! I love going to Christmas concerts with friends and then driving around to look at all the decorations people have on their houses.

  7. My daughter and I love to choose one fun 'event' to do each year. Sometimes it's a trip to see the Nutcracker. One year it was the local Chocolate Festival. Several years we volunteered to man the Angel Tree at an area mall. That was probably one of my favorite things to do. While handing out 'angels' we got to watch all the shoppers coming and going, enjoyed seeing the kids climb on Santa's lap, and listened to wonderful Christmas music nonstop. It was awesome, free, and we really felt good about giving back in that small way.

  8. We buy a couple of special puzzles to put out and work at in the evenings. Of course, hot cocoa & some beautiful music help to make it even more enjoyable!

  9. One fun thing... over the past two weekends I've attended three formal dress ballroom (or West Coast Swing) dances.. that is one of my many passions..

    There are some really funny versions of the 12 days of christmas out there.. I look forward to what the other ladies come up with to follow your flamingo!

  10. Christmas flamingo... way fun!!!! Something fun you can do is decorate your own wrapping paper or gift bags. Atty (my two year old grandgirl) and I are going to make gift bags for her Mom, Dad, Popie, and Uncle Lance this year.

  11. I love your website.

    I also love all your flamingo's! They are too cute. My cousin also collects flamingo's.

    I have my little tree up, and I have butterflies on it. I'm a butterfly collector.

    I will be visiting my best friend in N.C. this Christmas, so I'm looking forward to that.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

    Becky C.


  12. I love these fun ideas. They all sound great.


  13. You sound like a really cheerful person, Margaret! Can I come to your house for Christmas! LOL!

    melaniedickerson at knology dot net

  14. Margaret,
    You are a FUN PERSON! And I love your version of the 12 Days of Christmas!

  15. Ooh, I like the new look!
    Your tips are great. Actually, after quiet time me and the toddlers and four yr old are planning to decorate the tree.

  16. For some strange reason I am more relaxed this holiday season than I ever have been - I even let the kids decorate the tree this year - they did great and I didn't adjust a thing.

  17. I loved the flamingo pictures! I just love Christmas! What's fun for us is decorating the tree, shopping for that special gift for someone, going to church Christmas programs, and going to parties with friends and family. We also love Christmas music and movies.

  18. Love the Flamingo in the tutu. Hilarious! A fun tradition we have is to drive around and look at light displays a few days before Christmas. Then we return home to sit by the tree while sipping hot cocoa or eggnog and listening to Christmas music. I also was going to start a tradition with my 5 year old of baking cookies to give away to family and friends. Unfortunately will be postponing that for next year because of my knee injury. About three weeks ago I slipped on one of my 2 year old's toys and tore my Meniscus, ACL and MCl and fractured my Tibia. For the next few weeks i have to undergo PT and once the fracture heals probably surgery as well. I have to admit that I have been feeling sorry for myself lately and been downright discouraged. After reading some inspiring verses today from the Bible I realized that I needed to change my attitude and not dwell on things. I need to let it all go to God and in letting go I feel more positive. Just thought I would share that with anyone else who may be feeling discouraged as well.

  19. Such fun ideas, everyone! I'm with those of you who go look at Christmas lights around town. I've done that since I was a child. Just love it!

    I also love Christmas music. I have quite a collection of CD's. Plus I love the pageants at church with the children playing the parts. We had our program tonight, and about 60 kids were dressed as angels, shepherds, and stars. And then there were Mary and Joseph and the inn keeper. They did such a great job!!! So sweet. Of course, I cried. :)

    Cherie, I'm so sorry about your fall! I hope you're up and about soon.

  20. Melanie, come on over.
    Cherie, I hope you are feeling better. I've been in the same place as you.
    I love going around and looking at the lights. We have some people who go all out whereas my husband is the greatest with one or two strings--that's his limit.

  21. Christmas hymns make me happy at Christmas! This year I started playing them right after attending the inspiring Casting Crowns concert on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I love their new Christmas album.

  22. I love your post, Margaret, and the title is great! Like others, the Christmas music and driving around looking at the lights creates a very memorable holiday.

    I look forward to visiting the "Craftie Ladies of Romance" often!

  23. Ladies, I LOVE this blog! Wish I'd have found it sooner.


  24. What gives me the most pleasure this time of year is sit back and listen to what people say. During the course of conversation usually people reveal things they'd like to have but can't for some reason or another. I listen far enough before the holiday they don't even suspect I'm listening for that perfect gift for them. If it be in my means, I'm blessed greatly by surprising them with what they would like or need. They are shocked when I give but blessed to receive.
    Our church family has what we call a white elephant party around Christmastime. It is supposed to be something that we don't buy but have laying around our house that we don't want or need anymore that someone else might enjoy. We have had the MOST fun going to this. One year an old hammer was the cherished gift. Another, a pocket knife. I've gone through this whole year collecting possible gifts to wrap for my contribution for the exchange. Time is almost here to dig through that box and decide which one to take. What fun!
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com

  25. Pamela J,
    Can I be your friend? Your system of "listening" all through the year to prepare for Christmas is outstanding!

  26. Lyn, I'd be thrilled to have you for a friend. I just KNOW I will be seeing you around this year. Some day you just MIGHT (never know what God might do)get something special in the mail designed by God given through me that will be a blessing from above. My blessing will be to give when He directs. Thanks for allowing me to add you to my friend list.
    Pam W


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