Friday, December 5, 2008

Ooooh! I got here. I think.

When it comes to things electronic, give me old-fashioned any day. I know the "good old days" were far from perfect, yet there are times, like when I sit in front of my computer, when I miss just using a pen and paper. At least that way, if I make a mistake, I can wad up the paper, throw it away, and no one else will know I goofed. On a blog, it's right up there for all to see! Therefore, I vow right now, to NEVER make another error. Yeah, right!

And as soon as I figure out how to add pictures, which I may have just done, I'll post a few of me. The one I did try to add ALMOST looks like me. Well, not quite, but I often share that sentiment. Machines hate me. My vacuum lies in wait and I know my sewing machine is in cahoots with it.

Yes, I have an off-beat sense of humor. There are days when I'm actually serious but I try to limit those!


  1. LOL Val....I know exactly how you feel. There are somethings I still have not learned how to do. Most of it is trial and error but you have to be able to remember which errors not to make again.

  2. You're doing great Val! I can just see you fighting with your vaccume cleaner!

  3. I am old school and miss the good old days. Simplicity and ease.

  4. I know what you mean. At least you can edit a post you make on your blog. It's leaving comments that makes me nervous because you can edit those later.
    Tina LaVon

  5. See what I mean - it was suppose to read "You CAN'T edit them later."

  6. LOL, Val! I love the image of your vacuum and sewing machine in cahoots. :)


  7. LOL :) Tina, I'm TERRIFIED of blogging because I need my editor all the time!

  8. Just when I get the hang of e-mail and basic internet along comes chatting, Facebook and Twitter... lost again! Thanks for the smile today!

  9. There's plenty of time to be serious and now isn't the time yet... is it? Hope not because it is so much fun to not be. Some are just better at not being than others. YOU are doing GREAT!
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com