Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can explain

Okay, Tuesday was my day to blog! And where was I? Sitting in the dentist chair having a root canal done. Honestly. I had my blog day marked on the calendar but I got confused. (This often happens to me!) I thought we'd changed things a bit. So even thought I kind of thought I should speak up yesterday, I was sitting at dentist and wondering what to do. I then had some holiday errands to take care of. So with a numb lip, I went shopping to find gifts to send to all my relatives who live in Georgia. Well, you know how that goes? It took longer than I expected and of course I found some great buys for myself, too! Then I ran into to two nice ladies from church having lunch and they invited me to sit with them. Well, I was hungry and my lip was no longer numb so I ordered lunch and had a nice visit with them. By the time I got home I had three messages to return and a ton of work waiting on my desk. So I tried to get through all of that, thinking somewhere in the back of my mind--there's something else I'm supposed to check on today! Then I had a friend drop by to give me items for some goody bags we're putting together for Dress for Succcess (I'm on the local board). Then my husband came home and I caught him up on my day. Then it was time to cook dinner. And all the while, I'm still thinking what was it I wanted to check on today. Then just as we sat down to eat, our daughter called. She'd moving into a new apartment so we're trying to get that organized before the holidays. Then my husband's sister called and we talked to her a while. And I'm still wondering what I can't seem to remember that is really important. By then, I exhausted and go to bed. And then, I wake up in the middle of the night and sit up and think "I never did check on whether I'm still supposed to blog today or not! I didn't blog!" Well, of course I felt so bad that I'd managed to SKIP my first official day of blogging here. But I'm here now and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Please somebody tell me I'm not the only one with menopause moments such as this. And to top it off, I was shopping for my great niece and nephew (my nephew's children) and I couldn't for the life of me remember the poor kids names. That also hit me in the middle of the night! I'd better start writing things down all around the house!

Lenora :)


  1. Ummmmm NO you are not (now what was I going to say?) Oh yea you are not the only one to have problems but mine are OLD AGE!!

  2. Lenora, you are hilarious. By the way I saw the cutest shoes yesterday. Oh, wait, that's another

  3. I like the way you tagged this post: menopausal moments. :) That'll be a fun subject to scroll through eventually! LOL

    I hope the tooth is feeling better!


  4. Hey--I thought it was me yesteday! All day I kept clicking over there looking for someone elses post lol and so I thought I had gotten something wrong :)
    I'm so forgetfull it hurts--especially when I'm working on a book. Oh gosh my kids laugh when they come over and I can't even finish sentences my brain is so fried.
    So no, you are not alone :)

  5. What you talked about here reminds me of some of my nightmares. I've had a few close calls of those while my eyes were open and (I think) the sun was shining. Does that mean I really WASN'T dreaming? At least you did the normal thing, and that was to think you were supposed to be thinking of something and then remembered in the night. I usually remember days later. Glad you did write this, at least I feel like I wasn't the only one down that road. (and I hope you don't get to the 'days later' mode)
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com


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