Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Year is Coming!!!

The new year is coming and I have to say that I'm looking forward to it. My excitement has nothing to do with anything that has happened this year good or bad it is simply the idea of a new year that I love. It's a little bit like when I begin a new book. I love the book I've just spent months working on and finally finished (there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of finishing a book but by the time I finish I'm usually worn out and some of the excitement comes from relief that God's enabled me to reach a hopeful, happy conclusion once again). But a new blank, that excitement brings with it a new energy that has nothing to do with relief, but more to do with anticipation of what will come. It is a wonderful feeling. Since I'm what is called a seat of the pants writer or an organic writer (which means I start with an idea but not a firm plot) the book is as much an adventure for me as it will be for the reader. So the blank page has a similar feeling for me as a reader would feel upon beginning the to read a new book.

I look at a new year with the same hopeful anticipation. I wonder what God has in store for me. Yes, I wonder if there will be sadness and I pray there won't be, but I know that God is in control and that He can make all things work together for my good and I know that He has wonderful things in store for me. They may be small beautiful events that I must watch for carefully or I might miss them and their blessing. Or they might be big, blindingly blatant things--like my son's wedding this last year to a wonderful young woman whom I love like a daughter--this was the highlight of my year.

Either way the idea of a whole new year is exciting and I can't help but look at this new year with that excitement and hope. I wonder what does God have in store for me? Already I know I have 4 books coming out in 2009, a blessing a dream come true, so I have a bit of a sneak peek at what the year holds. But also and more important with the new year I'm wondering what can I do for God this year? I'm looking forward to watching for opportunities to be a light for Him.

Yes everyone the new year is coming and I pray for each of you that it is a blessed and wonderful year!

What has been the highlight of your year? Or what is your hope for this new year?

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Debra Clopton


  1. I, too, am looking forward to 2009 to see what God has in store for me. Sure, I set goals, hoping to attain them. But really, they are just my ideas, God's really the one writing my script, so I'll try and seek out what He wants.

    My highlight of 2008 was my decision to start writing seriously. Meaning, making submissions, joining ACFW, getting into a crit group...stuff like that.

    Since I've done that, I've grown exponetially -- both as a writer and as a Jesus follower. It's been amazing.

    So, for 2009, I hope to continue to grow both as a writer and a Christian.

    Blessing to you, Debra.

  2. Lynn, That's great! I can still remember when I made the official decision to seriously start seeking the road to publication. It was a landmark moment in my life--a commitment to give it my best.

    You have the right attitude and I wish you all the best! For me the road to publication was like a roller-coaster--I think it is like that for most--there are great highs and then there are sad lows (rejections). But, I took those rejections and used them as learning experiences to help me push forward toward making my dream come true.

    Lynn, God has a plan for you and your writing and you've made the commitment now to hone your skills so that when His timing is right you will be ready for what He has in store for you!

    God bless you, Lynn and my this be a fabulous year for you.

  3. I love the New Year, too. I make goals, yup, the typical ones: lose weight, be nicer, not necessarily in that order :)
    I'm with Lynn, I want to grow as a Christian and as a writer - as a wife, mother, teacher, friend.

  4. Besides spending precious time with family and friends, the highlight of my year was attending the ACFW Conference in MN! Since having to retire from teaching last year (due to bad back) I have been able to pursue my writing dream "full time" now. Attending my very first writing conference was SO AMAZING, and the Lord confirmed to me that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing in this season of my life. ~ In 2009 I'm praying to grow even closer to the Lord, and become more organized with my time. You're so right, Debra...a new year is EXCITING! Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo Moore :)

  5. The highlight for my entire year of 2008 was having the opportunity to get to meet so many authors at the ACFW conference in MN in September. That and all the blessings that came from that has made the year a tremendous year for me. I'm looking forward to meeting more authors and getting to know as many as possible this upcoming year also. What an exciting thing to look forward to!
    Also, in January and hopefully more times throughout the year some of the ladies I have helped to council are going to step out, make themselves vulnerable, and teach our small group a bible study lesson. What a blessing to see them grow in the Lord!
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  6. its new years eve tomorrow for me.
    and I will be glad this year is over in some ways the past few months have been hard.
    Highlights would be the trip to Canada and being in my friends wedding, Seeing Squirrels and racoons for the first time.
    The other biggest one was the past couple of days at the cricket here in Melbourne. Getting to see and talk to my ultimate cricket hero and having him remember me to a degree was awesome. This past week has been what I needed and I dont want to go home.

    I did learn something about myself this week I am going to work on. I am prejudice and I dont like it.
    I judged a player because of his beleifs and that he was different without really seeing him. Then when i did and got his autograph he is a really nice guy just has a different belief than me. I am glad I found this out cos I can work on changing this part of me.
    my goal normally is to read a book a week on average. its acheivable for me.
    I would love to lose weight but thats not always a good one although i think i lost around 9 - 10 kilos this year so that was a bonus. Instead its to get fitter and try harder in that reguard

  7. I am totally looking forward to the new year it holds some much promise! I can't wait! 2009 is such a gold mine!

  8. I'm looking forward to 2009. Who knows what is in store for me! I don't make resolutions anymore but I've always had goals and that won't change. I have daily ones, weekly, and monthly--very loose ones for the year. Nothing beyond that.

  9. Pam,
    I'm with you I agree with Lynn too and want to grow as a Christian. Growing our personal relationship with God is always a great and rewarding endeavor!

  10. Pattie Jo,
    Congratulations on the confirmation that writing is what you should be doing! He confirmed that to me at the ACFW conference in 2003. I still remember the amazing feeling. I know you are excited to see where it leads you this year!!!
    Good luck with the organizing goal :) and of course, growing in Christ is always exciting!

  11. Pamela J, It sounds like you have had a great year! I think it's wonderful that you are working with timid ladies and helping them push out of their comfort zones. You will feel so proud to watch them take these steps. You'll have to post back and let us know how it goes :)

  12. Aussie Jennie,
    I'm sorry you've had a bad year and pray this new year will be better!

    I loved that you were so excited to see squirrels and raccoons for the first time. Girl, you need to come to my house they are everywhere! I want to come to Australia and see all of y'alls amazing wildlife!

    I know what you mean about feeling prejudice. It is so easy to judge people--and such a relief when you break down that barrier and see the person for the person they are.
    Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip!

  13. Sketchgirl,
    I can hear your excitement! LOL sounds like full steam ahead for you into the new year! I'm with you on that!

  14. Margaret,
    I don't make resolutions either. I set goals all through the year so its just business as usual on that end for me.

  15. Thank you all for posting!!! I'm praying that God will give you all a wonderful and blessed 2009!!!

  16. I quit making resolutions because I never did stick with them. Why start out the year feeling like a failure?! LOL But I do like Margaret said and set goals--short term and longterm.

    And I always like to do it on new year's eve! So I'll be sitting down tonight when it's nice and quiet (well, I'm talking after midnight here) and will write them down. :)



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