Friday, December 26, 2008

Val rides again!

Okey-dokey, I wrote my post for today ahead of time, set it to load, and it didn't, so I clicked on "publish" this morning and I guess it went to that big blog in the sky because I sure can't find it.

Therefore, I'm going to try again and if you happen to see the other post eventually you'll have a double dose of me. And the day after Christmas, at that. Wow!

I had three photos on the previous, lost post. They were the oldest house on our property, the one that's "only" about 90 years old in which we live, and the snow on the front porch. Many days I like to sit out there and swing but not lately, although the weather is warming up and won't be bad for the next few days.

I am now going to attach the pics, which, if things go as usual, will end up at the top of the blog instead of down here where I want them. Yes, I am a computer doofus. And proud of it. Well, sort of. I figure, with my track record, just attempting this is a monumental step forward!

Blessings for a wonderful new year and may your computer love you more than mine does me!



  1. Val, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's learning how to do this blogging.
    I enjoyed the photos. And I agree. I love snowflakes, hate ICE!

    And since I live miles and miles north of you, you'd think I wouldn't have to worry about ice.

    But it's in our forecast too.

  2. Its good to get to read 2 posts to day. We had a good Christmas weather wise just the right temp.
    today looks hot and then showers (I hope they hold of in Adelaide as my friends getting married)


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