Monday, December 22, 2008

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

My true love sent to me
Nine gals a shopping

Eight Women Laughing

Seven flags a waving

Six teens a texting

Five sparkling Ipods

Four kissing frogs

Three chocolate bars

Two sparkling gems

And a flamingo in a tutu

I’ve never been one to enjoy shopping, but I do like the hustle of last-minute gift buying. And I like to shop with others so nine of my friends shopping with me would be perfect!

Each Christmas my gifts tend to follow a theme (not always by design). I’ve done sweaters. And nativity crèches. This year I’m doing travel books.

I know where most of the people who I buy presents for want to go so I got them travel books as an encouragement to get there in 2009. I got one a book for Paris. Another Spain. I'm hoping 2009 will be a time of new experiences.

The places don’t have to be far away either. I even got one travel guide for exploring Los Angeles, which is where my friend lives.

How about you? What kinds of presents have piqued your interest this Christmas?

PS: If you haven't finished shopping, I'm going to suggest buying books for the rest of the people on your list. I love getting books and giving them. I'm sure some of the people on your list feel the same.


  1. I Christmas shop all year. This morning, I sat down with my husband and showed him the table (Everyone's name is on it. I list presents: What from us, What from Mikey (our three year old) and I write the word gift card. In orange, I highlight what I've purchased. In yellow, I highlight where I didn't make a purchase but I have an idea. Then, if I have no clue, I leave it blank. So, today, Don and I filled the blanks. Now, he gets to go shopping. Hehehehehehe

    Here's the funny thing. You'd think by how organized I am up above, I'd be a plotter. Nope, totally seat of the pants.

  2. I shop all the year round so that when I see something I know that person likes I buy it and save it for later. It's more fun that way, less pressure and not as hard on the pocket as waiting until after Thanksgiving to do it all.

  3. I'm normally pretty much done shopping by now. But not this year! I'm behind. And I'm about to panic.

    But today I go shopping with my duaghter! I'm really looking forward to it. :)

    Janet, I've bought books for two or three people this year. I love shopping for them, so it's ideal! :)


  4. Like Pamela I shop all year round too and finished shopping Nov.
    but I do like going out and about also.
    today im heading for the big smoke Thats Melbourne. I discovered the big christian bookshop is right in the city now and im so excited. only the sale is boxing day day after Christmas and i am overwise engaged!
    I always love getting books. but looks like this year is a Chocolate year! Which would be ok if I actually liked boxes of Chocolates. I like some but I dont eat nuts and alot of the centered ones.
    I often buy books or give a gift voucher to the book store.
    I love jigsaws and mum is giving me 5 (ok i have them but I wont start till Christmas eve thats tomorrow)
    Hope you all have a very happy christmas. I will try to get on in Melbourne.

  5. I would be most happy with a gift card for books...or you could give me a box of candy (except I don't like coconut). But I don't expect I'll get either.

  6. Pam -- Yes, I am surprised you're a seat-of-the-pants given the way you do your Christmas gift list. It's nice that since you made the list you have help with the shopping!

  7. Cherie -- Some years I shop all year and am done early, but not this year!

  8. Missy, AusJenny, and EllenToo -- I love getting and giving books. And, Ellen, a gift card is the absolute best.

  9. I'm glad I read your post because it reminded me that I want to buy a book on Paris for my middle daughter Becca! She's supposed to go with a group of students (and professors too) to Paris next summer for a "study abroad" program. ~ I think books make wonderful gifts, so I've given quite a few over the years. And when I receive a gift card for my local Books-a-million I'm thrilled! ~ Christmas blessings to you, Patti Jo Moore :)

  10. I do most of my shopping right after Thanksgiving each year. That helps me not get too stressed and the weather is better so I don't have to drive in a snow storm to shop.

    I try to buy fun things that will make people happy or for a few of my friends practical things to make their life easier.

  11. I buy gifts throughout the year. there is no pressure and I find something suitable for each individual. I enjoy receiving books and especially travel books and travel writing on Italy is my favorite of all.

  12. Patti Jo -- A travel book no Paris is perfect for your daughter. She can dream about the places she'll see until she can go there!

  13. Kammie -- I always try to do my Christmas shopping early -- I didn't quite make it this year though. It does make the holidays go smoother when I do.

  14. Traveler -- I love getting books, too. And with the retail economy this year, I want to make sure some of my dollars go to bookstores that I love hanging out it.

  15. One year in January a certain store close by had a sale so they wouldn't have to inventory their stuff. It was a HUGE contest sale that gathered points and the one with the most points, collected on a point system through purchases, got grand prize etc. We bought quite a few things we KNEW we would never use but decided they would or could be used as gifts along the way. We gave the last of them away this year, last month for a birthday. The gifts all fell to who fit them best as the months or occasions presented themselves.
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  16. Oooops, I didn't talk about THIS Christmas for gifts that piqued my interest. We did a white elephant party a couple days ago. The gifts were our cast offs from our house or belongings that we don't want any more that someone else can enjoy. I was amazed this year how the gifts through the game we played fell to the hands that treasured that particular gift the most. I, for one, after the game was over went to my "neighbor" and traded my box of misc. candies in an oval box for three children's books I can share with my grandchildren. One box held an assortment of shaving colognes for men. Who got it? The young man that WILL soon be getting whiskers to shave off!
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  17. This year seemed to be the year of the "hoodie" sweater or sweatshirt...I bought several, not planned it just happened!

  18. Mary -- 'Hoodie's' would be the best gift for this Christmas. It's so cold all over.

    And Pamela -- I haven't done a white elephant exchange for years. They can be so much fun.

  19. I confess to being a last minute shopper. Me and Wal-mart at 3 a.m. on the 23rd of Dec have pulled off some great saves. This year I've been stumped about what to get my Dad. He's 77 and still farming and he owns every kind of fishing gear under the sun. So when my brother called to ask if I'd go in with him for Dad's gift, I jumped at the chance. Yes, what are we getting him?
    An air compresser.
    A book might have been easier to wrap.
    I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Happy shopping!! I'm off to Wal-Mart to find something for Mom.


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