Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is spring really here?

Hi. It's me again--Lenora. (I often say that when I talk to God, too!)I think spring has finally sprung in Louisiana. We've had lots of storms lately--those April showers and now I've planted some May flowers. I'm having my church circle group here tomorrow night and we're having a nice supper out by the pool. So that meant that all today I did some spring cleaning and my husband and I worked in the yard, clearing up leaves and limbs and pine straw and just about everything else left over from the wind and rain. Now my back is complaining! But it was so nice to get out in the fresh air and work through the renewal that comes with spring. It was warm so I didn't have to bundle up. The wind had died down so it was very pleasant. I did put on bug spray (that's standard in Louisiana where the mosquitoes are always out and about.) But I picked up limbs and pulled weeds and had a pretty good time. My dear husband has worked at his "part-time" job for about seven days straight but he washed the patio down, including the chairs and table and cleaned the pool and made everything looks so clean and pretty. We have new flowers planted and I'll cook everything tomorrow. I'm glad to be here because I had something rather strange happen to me last Friday (on my 53rd birthday). First, I woke up after my husband had left and heard a tv on. My husband never leaves things on, so I went downstairs and saw the little tv in the kitchen on and that tape of the British lady singing away was running on one of the morning shows. That was odd enough. Then a towel in my bathroom just fell right off the rack. That was odd. Then, Friday night I had an assignment for the magazine where I moonlight. I had to get all dressed up to attend the Cotillion. It was raining. After the court was presented and I had my pictures, we all headed out to a tent past the old auditorium where the Cotillion is always held. The tables had these huge three-foot tall glass vases full of lovely flowers on them but the wind was hurricane strength coming through that tent. I was sitting with a nice couple at a table, enjoying the great food, when the wind picked up. We decided to move. I went to speak to a friend and bam, just like that, the huge vase at the table shattered into a million sliver of glass. About five seconds AFTER I'd left. I looked at my friend and said "I was just sitting there." He said, "I know." Okay, that was very odd. If I'd stayed there, I'd probably have stitches all over my face or worse. On the way home, I thanked God for giving me the good sense to move when I did. And then it hit me. 53. That was the age of my sister Glenda when she died (after a wreck with a drunk driver.) My first LI "The Wedding Quilt" was based on all the emotions my family went through when she died. I looked up at the dark night and sent her a big "thanks". I believe my sister was watching over me Friday--all day long--in her playful way. And I think she probably helped me move before that big heavy vase could come crashing down all around me. Talk about renewal.
At 53, I feel renewed and filled with gratitude that I had her in my life. She always loved birthdays. So today, even though I worked hard at spring cleaning (who knew one woman could collect so many winters shoes!!!)and I'm sore and tired from picking up broken limbs, my spirit is not broken. Spring is here and each minute is precious beyong measure. The flowers know when it's time to bloom. They push through the winter to find the sun. And that's what we have to do, too. We push through, even when things seem to be shattering all around us. Winter is over; spring is here and He is risen. My garden looks like the color of love. Because I have angels watching over me--in every season.


  1. Lenora--I'm so glad you're okay! Your sister sounds like she was a lovely person...if she was anything like you then she had to be. Great post and now I'm heading outside to plant the flowers that have been setting on my counter for 3 days! I love spring too and try to hang on to each one and make them stretch. Last night I star gazed a bit because the sky is so clear and beautiful in the spring.

  2. I love this time of year, too. I worked in the yard all day Sunday and am still feeling the pain. But before long, it'll be so hot I won't even want to think about going out there.
    Sounds like you had a great b-day. I can just imagine your sister and Jesus, side-by-side, as they orchestrated the day's events.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. When you have a crazy life like mine, it sure is good to know SOMEONE is watching over you. I wonder if others have had such experiences. I think writers are more in tune to these kinds of things because we observe things and because we have those artistic sensitive natures.

    Lenora :)

  4. I'm a southern girl (old) also but my back want let me get out, my hubby has to do it all, but he loves outside. I live in SC and don't like storms at all, Thank my God that we have not had any really bad ones here where I live. But I would love to be enterned your contest (if you have one) for a free book, I love books.

  5. What a sensational birthday, Lenora. You won't soon forget it. Although we know that God is watching over us EVERY DAY AND EVERY MINUTE, it's still rewarding and encouraging when we have proof that we can see.
    This is a great blogspot. Hello to everyone. Irene

  6. Wonderful post. I see God in my daily life, so it's inspiring to read about others who do too. We just have to keep our eyes and hearts open.

    I'm very sorry about your sister. I can't imagine life without mine.

    Enjoy the beautiful flowers of spring!


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