Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning (or not!) by Cheryl Wyatt

I'm trying to declutter my house. Specifically, my closet. Well, not that I WANT to get rid of clothes...but since that end of the house is tipping and the foundation is cracking from the weight, I figured I'd better thin the closet out.

The problem is, I can't get to my clothes that I hardly wear because I have an eight foot wall of Sterilite containers. Getting to the clothes would require me to actually MOVE all those boxes.

What's in the boxes? Uh, not sure but I'm guessing MORE CLOTHES.

Okay, let me explain. When I met my husband, I wore a size 5 to 7. Then I crept up to a 9. Then I hit double digits. Thankfully, I haven't hit triple digits yet. Anyway, I have this tiny bit of hope that I will eventually get back into the 12s at least.

The 9s, 7s and 5s? I'm going to keep one pair of each, buy those box frames, stick them in there with a caption that says, "I wore these once." Then get rid of all the other clothes that I will never, ever, ever, ever and I mean EVER fit this caboose back into.

Or....I could save them for my daughters. Or, my daughters can help me declutter. Yeah!

Nah...I think I'll just go clothes shopping.....

Snicker. Snicker. Snicker.

Okay, SERIOUSLY. I mean it. I AM going to thin out that closet this Spring. I AM. Really.

And...I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend, Renee Morgan is who gave me the idea to frame the size 7 pants and get rid of the rest. Um...have I yet?

I plead the 5th.

But I want YOU to talk.

I wonder what's the BEST declutter advice or Spring cleaning tip you have ever heard?

Come on...let's hear it.

I'd also like to hear what area of your house or yard needs a dose of Spring cleaning. Talk away! Don't be shy. Help this pack-ratty-author out. Share your best tips. Are you a pack rat? Or a neat freak? Do share...

By the way, hunky Ben Dillinger, the hero for Ready-Made Family is a neat freak. But he brings his brother to live with him and his brother, who has Mosaic Down Syndrome, is a hoarder. I hope you will pick up this story (IN STORES NOW!) and let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers.

PS...don't forget to share with us your tips on conquering clutter.

Cheryl Wyatt


  1. Oh, Cheryl, I'm dying laughing!!! Frame those old size 5's and 7's!! I love it. My children would never believe it. :)

    I'm also cracking up about going up into triple digits. You're too funny!

    I'm a pack rat. And I'm a piler. And my poor hubby is a filer, very neat and tidy. It makes for an interesting house--areas of disaster mixed with areas of total order. :)

    I have no ideas. I'll be hoping to learn something today!


  2. Hello Cheryl,

    My best advice when I bring out my winter clothes or summer, I go through them what I haven't worn in a year I toss. I do this twice a year. Plus if I buy new clothes, I get rid of an old one. The one in one out rule works for me. All of my old clothes either go to Goodwill or a family member/friend who needs them. Hope this helps. My the way I'm a neat freak. Everything has it's place. Have a great day.

  3. My best deCluttering advice?

    Sweep the room with a glance!

    Lenora ;)

  4. Decluttering???? What's that???

  5. Move from one pile to the next is that what you are talking about? What needs cleaned. My basement and our spare room. Mostly books, books and more books.

  6. I'm convinced I'll fit into my clothes from college! I miss fringe! I don't miss jumpsuits. Who invented such torture.

  7. Oh Cheryl im loving ready made family.

    Oh Im moving in 6 weeks or so, so have been decluttering big time. After seeing things my mother hoarded I seriously hope its cured me of even considering it!!!!!!!!

    With clothes I like the saying if in doubt throw it out.
    I have a few things a size or so to small (dont think i was ever in single digits. but our sizes are a little different) I have the idea of if I dont wear it in a year it goes out. let alone several years.

    And decluttering at present if i haven't seen it in several years I really cant need it right!!!!!

  8. I saved clothes to fit back into and actually got back into them (temporarily!) but they were waaaay out of style. I didn't do myself any favors keeping them around.

    My best decluttering tip would be to NOT marry a guy who can't let anything go. Ever. But he has other features...and I've put up with him for 29 years now (or vice versa) so I just keep trying to throw things out when he's not looking.

    I'm losing.

  9. Loved your post. I'm glad to hear it's not just me who has "stuff" to go through. I wish I had the neat and tidy gene. (so does my husband)! But that got left out of my DNA. My mother-in-law was VERY organized so my hubby had a BIG adjustment. But I do love Lenora's advice. I CAN sweep the room with a glance and still have time to read!

  10. Valerie, my hoarder was my mother!
    i do hoard a bit but not like she did. I found bags that go back 30 years or more. one of the shops closed early 80's and by then they were using plastic bags not paper ones.

  11. Missy, I love it! A piler and a filer. Too funny! Would make for a GREAT romance novel conflict. LOL!

    Housemouse, I love your idea of giving away what I haven't worn in a year. Makes total sense. And I do alternate clothes by season in the closets so that system would work well for me...IF I could actually go through with it and declutter.

    Someone needs to just turn me into the Pacrat Police or whoever those reality show people are on TV who come to people's houses and make them get rid of stuff. If the whole world were watching, it'd be easy to toss stuff. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!


  12. Lenora..HEHE! Love it. Somehow I don't think that would suffice with my husband. LOL!

    Ellen, decluttering is a form of torture. Honestly it is.

    Abi, LOL! About those books....yeah, my shelves are sagging. Sigh!

    Pamela I had a jumpsuit once! It was a horrid green goucho pair. You know, if I had a closet full of horrid green goucho jumpsuits, my decluttering would be a breeze.

    Thanks all for the funny advice and for dropping by.


  13. Ausjenny, I hope your moving goes well. Thank you for reading my book! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for coming by Craftie Ladies!

    Valerie, that's hilarious about you throwing stuff out when he's not looking. I think my husband does that to me too. LOL! Thanks for coming by and sharing with us.

    Congrats on getting back into those pants! And they'll probably come back into style at some point. LOL!

    Sherry, I missed that gene too. My husband tries to say that he's not a "keeper" of stuff but he has a ton of music gear. But it's strange how one person's treasure looks like clutter to another. LOL! Well, he may not be a keeper of stuff but he's a keeper. He offered to pull up a trailer so I can start carting those Sterilite cases off.

    Truly it would just be best if I didn't even look in them before they go. LOL!

    Thanks for coming by! Do come back often.

    Wow Jenny...30 years! I'll be she's got some antiques in that stuff. Some of today's kids would LOVE that 80's stuff.

    Thanks everyone for coming by!


  14. Cheryl it was more bags than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I am finding strange objects and best of all finally found my game of Monopoly!


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