Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Fun & April Fools Jokes

Okay...I know it's the end of the month...but bear with me. I LOVE April Fool's Day. I am one of the biggest practical jokers I know.

Problem is, my husband rivals me in the art of trickstery. Two of our favorite shows to watch are Candid Camera and Punk'd and similar practical joke shows.

Before we married, we'd play jokes on each other ALL the time. Once him and a friend taped eight foot pieces of plastic to my door at 4 AM. Then FILLED it to the brim with thousands of packing peanuts. So when we opened the door the next morning, this mountain of packing peanuts avalanched into our apartment. It took my roommate (waving to Kelly Rushing) and I three hours to clean them up. It took SO long because the foam peanuts kept sticking to us due to static electricity. It was SO frustrating. We finally got them cleaned up by me scooping them with a dustpan into a lawn bag. We filled like 4 lawn bags I think. It was crazy.

Then when we got married, my husband warned me NOT to stock our new pantry with canned goods until after we got back from our honeymoon and moved in. Apparently his mom was trying to sneak our house keys in order to get in and do what she did to his brother when he got married...ripped all the labels off their canned goods. So they didn't know what they were eating for a month and a half.

Sigh. At least I know who my husband got his jokester genes from.

Unfortunately my children must have inherited that trickster streak because one day when they were little they, yes, ripped ever label off the canned goods. You CANNOT tell the difference between green beans and peaches when you're shaking a can and holding it to your ear. LOL!

SO I'm curious as to what was the WORST or FUNNIEST or MOST MEMORABLE practical joke you've either played on someone or had someone play on you?

Don't be shy! I know I can't be the only trickster among us.

Cheryl Wyatt


  1. My favorite episode of Candid Camera had a Volkswagen bug, they'd cut it in half and put two motorcycles inside. Then, the show had it at a red light. The light turn green, the bug split in half: one half turned left; the other right. The person in the car behind got out and scratched his head. I cracked up.

  2. I had a coworker who bought his wife a lottery ticket for her birthday. He picked the numbers from the previous drawing, which he'd recorded. He presented her with the ticket at a big party, amongst friends. When the numbers were read, you should have seen her face. She didn't know whether to keep it to herself or jump for joy. I'm not sure how long my friend had to sleep on the couch for that one.

  3. Oh Cheryl, I'm shaking my head in understanding. My husband's family had a key to our new apartment when we were on our honeymoon. Here's a parial list of what we came home to:

    -chips and salsa in the kitchen sink.
    -confetti in every nook and cranny
    -a tub full of water balloons
    -a bedroom full of blown-up balloons
    -undergarments in the freezer

    Yes, it was hilarious and we have pictures!! Thanks for making me smile!

  4. Can't think of a good one, but I enjoyed reading about yours! *hug*

  5. Pamela...that's one episode I haven't seen but wish I had! LOL!

    Mindy, that's hilarious and mean! Too funny. My brother-in-law did something similar to his eldest daughter and she CRIED! It was funny up until that point. After she cried, she got MAD. Then it was funny (for the rest of us at least) again.

    Jill, your family sounds fun! Thanks for made me laugh and sounds like our families have much in common! LOL.

    Hope! Hey, thanks so much for stopping by.



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