Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is in the Air

April is here and with it the spring sunshine has finally made an appearance. We actually had warm weather up into the high sixties.

Our family took our first bike ride of the season through Cook Park where paved bike paths wind along the Tualatin River, through a Butterfly Garden, past the many sports fields (where several little league games were in progress) and a picnic area complete with a huge play structure and sandpit.

And then, like most everyone else in town, or so it seemed with how crowded it was, we headed to downtown Portland with our two dogs in tow for a long walk along the river front park, a paved path with lots of green lawn running the length of the banks of Willamette river and then on to the Saturday Market where we wandered through the various vendors hawking their wares and the eclectic assortment of food choices. Snow cones and Thai food were are choices for the day.
It was a good weekend and a wonderful way to revive ourselves after a long cold winter. Though, the weather man predicts another cold snap coming our way soon, but for this moment, I felt a renewal in my spirit that can only carry over to my writing.
Happy Spring everyone!


  1. That's what I love about spring--the renewal, the sunshine, flowers--so uplifting.

  2. I love the Saturday Market! It's been so long since I've been home to Oregon. Sigh. It sounds like you had a lovely day.

  3. I stepped out side this morning first thing I heard was honking of a flock of geese overhead. Yep, Spring is in the air.

  4. Terri, that sounds wonderful! I loved your photos.

    We had a gorgeous weekend (nearly 80 degrees and sunny). But today it's in the 40's! I'm freezing!! :)


  5. Mez, you're an Oregonian? Whoohoo.
    Abi, I love the sound of geese, makes me wish I could fly away too.
    Missy, don't ya just love the yo-yoing of spring weather!
    Margaret, the flowers are the best! In downtown Portland we have the Rose Garden which is just so lovely. And we have tons of tulip farms on the outskirts of town. Such a wide variety of colors too. Ah, spring.


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