Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are you SAD?

Linda Goodnight here:

I heard a news report tonight on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you're not familiar, SAD is depression and lethargy brought on by the lack of sunshine. Naturally, winter is a prime time for SAD. And this winter in Oklahoma has been especially hard, dark, and dreary, so more Okies are feeling SAD and dreaming of the sun.

That got me to thinking as I am particularly fond of spiritual parallels. If we humans are SAD without the sun, just think how sad we would be without The Son. Without His light in our lives, we would have real reason to be sad and depressed.

On another note, my husband jokingly claims that humans were meant to hybernate, and that explains the overwhelming desire to lay on the couch and eat all winter. Well, that explains it-wisdom from the Goodnight Couch--er--Ranch.
So, do any of you battle SAD? How do you cope?


  1. We've had rain here in AZ, uncommon, and I wish my schedule would give me time to hybernate. Yesterday, someone gave me the excuse that the reason they'd not completed a task was because they'd been down with the flu. Arg, if I were down with the flu, I'd catch up on tasks. Maybe that thinking is why I'm not SAD but OFF, overextended frantic female.

  2. Great post, Linda! And I really liked your spiritual parallel about the sun and the Son! So true.~ Thankfully I do not battle SAD, however I do find I have much more energy on sunny days. But I figure when we have those dreary days it makes us appreciate the sunshine all the more!
    Blessings from Georgia(where we had snow flurries this morning,LOL!), Patti Jo :)

  3. Linda, I have a family member who suffers from it. I'm thankful I don't.

    I've been trying to soak up any little bit of sunshine I can lately, though!


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