Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nice Surprises

Missy Tippens, here. Valentine's Day has passed, but I'm still celebrating because I got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my husband that are still going pretty strong. Though some pedals are falling off and a couple of flowers are drying, I'm still admiring the gift. And another reason I'm enjoying them so much is because they were a nice surprise.

You see, my hubby used to buy me flowers all the time. And I usually felt a little guilty, like it was a waste of money. So finally, I told him I thought I'd like something different next time he wanted to buy something romantic--maybe something more practical.

So the next year, I got a heavenly box of Godiva chocolates. Yes, edible and very practical! Needless to say, I was thrilled and raved about it. So the next few years, I got more chocolates. But the last box he got me lasted quite a while (and I'm afraid he noticed!).

Then this year, just when I was geared up for chocolate, he surprised me. He ordered flowers. When the delivery girl arrived (on a day when we had that huge snow on the ground here in Georgia!), I was floored. Flowers?

And you know what? I was once again thrilled and have enjoyed them so much.

I think the element of surprise is what makes a gift extra special. That going out of the way to do something new or unusual. And what's nice about that is that it doesn't have to be something expensive. Spending some time on a gift--making it more personal--makes it that much more appreciated.

Oh, and can you guess what I got for my hubby for V-day?

Godiva chocolates. :) And he loved the nice surprise!

What gifts have been the best surprises you've gotten?
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  1. Awwww! That's so sweet, Missy : ) I'm so glad he switched it up, smart man! Lol!

    Big surprises?? Hmmmm...nothing like that! Lol...

    I don't have a Facebook acount, sadly. My mom doesn't like Facebook, otherwise, I'd definitely be a follower : )

  2. Thanks, Hannah. I won't let my daughter on FB either. So go Hannah's mom! ;)

  3. Hi Missy,
    Just threw out my b'day tulips from last week, but some of my Valentine roses are hanging in there. Just cut them short & crowded them in a small vase to make them last a couple more days.
    My hubby always puts alot of effort into gifts. For my b'day he knows I love a particular exercise celebrity who has digital downloads on her website. took more than a DAY! Yes, a DAY! to download one video to a very new laptop, then another few hours to transfer to my Ipod. Then on to Apple to get their AV splitter to plug into the tv set so the Ipod would play on the tv & I could do the cardio/weight/step circuit workout I've wanted.
    Monday I went to try out my new gadget, and I broke the television set!!!! Aaaargh! That's okay,my hero has it under control, but it's taking a bit longer for my workout. So now I get to eat more of the Dove bars from the case--yes, I said case--he gave me for Valentine's.
    Does he love me or what???!

  4. Wow, Pamela! That's a labor of love for sure!!

    Glad you stopped by!

  5. Enjoyed your post, Missy. What a special surprise you received for Valentine's!~ When my husband and I had only been married a few years, he completely surprised me with a tiny orange kitten for my birthday! What made that extra-special was the fact that my husband is NOT a "cat-person"LOL. (Yes, we are total opposites in many ways!). Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  6. Oh I saw them and thought chocolates for my birthday! I know its not but I can imagine the are right!
    I did get a block of chocolate.
    I am ready for the facebook group.
    You know I dont think I would let my child if i had one on fb either.

  7. Missy,
    I enjoyed reading your post. We have a Valentine wedding anniversary, so from the beginning we decided to buy something for our house rather than gifts for each other. My biggest surprise came when my hubby bought me roses after I got my first writing rejection.

  8. Oh, Patti Jo, that's so sweet of him! Did he know what he was starting though?? ;)


  9. Jenny, don't they look yummy?! That photo looks a lot like Godiva chocolates. :)

  10. Oh, Merrillee, how fun to have a V-day anniversary! So romantic.

    And how sweet for him to send flowers, even after a rejection.

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