Monday, February 8, 2010

Debra Clopton is Here! Can I get an Amen :)

Yes it's me, Debra Clopton and if all goes well hopefully this time as I write this post my computer is not going to crash like it did last time! Thank goodness for backups. God is good and I was able to get all of my current book in progress off and am happily trying to finish up in the next few weeks.

Last night was the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge football fan but I do like watching the Super Bowl...maybe that's because I know that the week after the Super Bowl is over means its NASCAR time! Daytona is Sunday--Woohoo!!! If you're a fan who are you pulling for this year?

Anyway back to the Super Bowl--sorry I got distracted about thinking about 200 miles an hour car racing :)--but I also had a blast last night at the Super Bowl party that I went to. Chuck Parks (the very special guy in my life :) are the leaders of our youth group at the Cowboy Church of Leon County--Chuck is the leader (or as he says, God is the leader he's just helping out) So I just help out too and have a blast being with the teenagers. The Super Bowl party was put on by a Christian group last night unaffiliated with any particulart church and there were about 60 kids there from the 2A school. The kids had fun hanging out, playing basketball and watching football on a big screen. It was an awesome feeling to see these kids come together from all walks of life and have such a great time. I over heard one young girl say that it was the best Super Bowl party she'd ever been too. I looked around and it blessed me to see the adults who had gotten the group together and the work that they had put into. Chuck and I just came in and helped for the night but it was great to see the work that these adults had put into the night being paid off by the smiles on the kids faces. I'm on major deadline right now and my head was telling me that I needed to be home writing. But so glad I went and participated. I want to urge you to get involved with the youth of your community if you can. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to walk into a room full of teens and to be welcomed with hugs and smiles. I've awakened this morning feeling fresh and happy. And that's good for my writing--which I love and have a great passion for. Who knows you may see a Super Bowl party in my book and you'll know where the inspiration came from. I urge you to jump in and find out where God wants you to help out and serve. You will be blessed!

By the way I hope your team won, if not it was still a great, exciting game...
Until next time live, laugh and love God with all your heart...and I can't help but add this morning that if you are feeling discouraged by something in your life that you will immerse yourself in God's word to help you refocus and know that God loves you and is there for you.

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Blessings--Debra Clopton


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I got home after it started (had a booksigning yesterday) and then had to go to the grocery store. Got back after it ended. But my husband had lots of great things to say.

  2. Great interview. I enjoy your books.

  3. I enjoyed your post, Debra! And I share your love of working with young people. Several years ago I was able to be very involved with the teens at my Church (was also the Team Mom for the girls softball team even after my own girls were too old to be on the team, LOL!). It was always such a delight watching them and interacting with them. Even now when they see me at Church, they give me hugs! ~ I am not a NASCAR fan, but my husband is a HUGE fan! He loves Jeff Gordon, so we've "overwhelmed" him with all kinds of Jeff Gordon gift items over the years (clock, towels, notepads, etc.etc., LOL). Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  4. I'm so glad you're back online!

    We had a youth Super Bowl party at the church last night, too. I didn't go, but sent food with my kids. When I went to pick them up, I found out they had to run out and buy more food because there was such a great crowd! It sounded like they had a great time. :)

  5. Yes we did have a great time Pamala. Especially the ending. I wasn't rooting for any team in particular but boy I enjoyed it. Hope your booksigning went well. I'm doing one in Madisonville on the 20th.

  6. April I'm so glad you stopped by and that you enjoy my books! LOL I'm struggling right now and praying God leads the way in Chances story. I'm working on the 3rd book in my new Men Of Mule HOllow trilogy.

  7. Hi Patti Jo,
    It sounds like we're very much alike in enjoying working with kids. My late husband and I did 5 years of t-ball when we first got married and we didn't even have kids! So I've always enjoyed being involved. God calls us each to our own ministry and I think that for me I get more blessings out of my writing and my youth ministry than I could possibly be giving! Thanks for stopping in!

  8. oh and Patti Jo,
    I'm a Hendrix fan. Jeff, Jimmy, Mark and Dale. I think they are a class act and so is their owner. But then I root for bunches of them. I'm a fan of talent.

  9. Hey Missy,
    Thanks for filling in for me last time when my computer died on me. It sounds like your kids had a great time too last night too.
    I was just sitting here thinking about you and Pam and how much fun I had hanging out with y'all in
    San Francisco RWA conference. Are y'all going this year.
    For readers who don't know, I had such tight deadlines this year 9which is a big blessing and I'm not complaining at all :) but I wasn't able to go to any confernces...I love visiting with my writer buddies and also learning more about my craft and seeing my wonderful editor and ohhhh the list goes on and on. I love conference. That is how and where I learned to write. Now I go for inspiration and to still learn and learn and learn. And also to meet readers at the literacy signing if any of you get to come. This year its in Nashville and guess who already has her ticket!!!!! ME. LOL okay I'm done. I've been writing non stop today can you tell my brain is just a bit wired on coffee! OKay so now I'm ready to go write somemore. Just got a scene flash in my brain about App and Stanley and them not being too happy about the rap-country thats hiting the counttry charts. OHHH boy do they have a few things to say about that. LOL I think I might copy this comment to my blog I think its the longest comment in history!

  10. Okay I just reread that last post. Please forgive all the typo's :)for one I've been writing all day and I'm seeing double. Plus my computer that I'm used to died and I still haven't gotten it back from the doctor and I'm typing on my little travel computer-tiny little thing and I have big fingers so I could erase the last post or let it stand. I decided to let it stand. Have a great night.


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